Monday, December 7, 2009

The Nutcracker 2009

This weekend was filled with the Nutcracker for the wee ones and I. Graeme made his debut and Lily Wen danced in it for the second time. I may have mentioned a time or two how Lily Wen LOVES/LIVES to dance. Each day, she comes home and puts on her leotards and dances all evening. She takes two dance classes on Monday night and then HAD to be in the Nutcracker too. This had her dancing 2-4 nights a week for the last few weeks and she has been in heaven. Graeme got roped in by association but don't let that sweet face fool you. He LOVED it at least the performing part and I have been told by several friends that he stole the show on Friday night. There were four performances so here are some of my favorite pictures!
Lily Wen, Graeme and Makenna

Waiting to dance!

My beautiful son doing the minuet.

So so CUTE!

He really did well!

Ice Princesses, Lily Wen, Lily and Lucy

She kept sneaking and adding to her make-up!

Ready for the tap dance finale.

Graeme and the girls!

Katelyn and Graeme

Graeme at the end of day one. Dancing just wore him out!

He added something to each performance.

Lily Wen performed her first solo. She was excellent!

The Dance of Enchantment

So focused

Tap dancing

Each year Lily Wen gets a Nutcracker to add to her collection.

I started Graeme's collection this year with a Pirate Nutcracker!

Kyle, Boone, Graeme, Lily Wen and Adeline

Just me and the wee ones before the last performance. Such a pretty first snow!

All that concentration to bow!

Next years Christmas card!

2 Lilys

After the Christmas parade, they performed one last tap dance.

I love watching them dance. The Nutcracker is over for another year. Christmas is just a few weeks away and yet there is so much to do. I am one blessed Mom. I am off to wrap presents and sing carols. I found my Christmas Spirit in the eyes of my wee ones.