Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hoo Ha and 1st surgery Done!

We have been super busy!!! Graeme saw the cleft palate team in Louisville a few weeks ago. All went well and we met with many different specialists. They have scheduled his palate surgery for October 14 (one day after his third birthday). We also found out that he had fluid in both ears and due to the circumstances, it was probably long standing fluid. We were going to have the surgery for P.E. tubes when we had the palate surgery but since we couldn't schedule the palate surgery for 3 months, we decided we better go ahead with the tube surgery. Graeme had the surgery this last Monday and he did great!

The physician did say that the fluid in his ears was very thick and we can already tell a difference in his hearing. I am so glad that we did not wait. He is currently working with a speech therapist weekly (she is also one of his Godmothers and my business partner and sister of the heart) he is in excellent hands regarding language and speech development. He is saying more and imitating to the best of his ability. One of his favorite sayings is "Hoo Ha!" with thumbs up...his cute approximation of Good Job! He uses this quite frequently throughout the day.

We are looking forward to his surgery in October and hoping for a good result. His palate has a narrow opening in the front behind his teeth and widens in the back. Our surgeon is not sure how far back he will be able to build the palate. He did state that due to the way his lip was repaired in China that he will probably end up with a small fistula (hole in the palate behind his teeth) following this surgery. We hope that will heal in time.

Other fun things:

  • He wakes with a smile every morning and usually lays down at night with a huge grin.
  • He openly hugs and kisses all of us throughout the day
  • He LOVES to eat especially raw veggies and fruit.....his eyes light up in the produce part of the grocery store....I just wish we lived close to a Farmer's Market...oh the Joy that would bring!
  • He thinks he is as big as Lily and tries everything she does. He even jumped off the diving board (with floaties on and me catching him) on his fourth visit to the pool.
  • He loves to play dress-up with Lily and is adorable with his spikey hair and Cinderella high heels (that will be a picture to haunt him in the future).
  • Each day, he is testing the limits and learning the rules....behind that grin is a 2 year old struggling for independence.
  • Last week, I heard "I uh oo" (I Love You!)

I am so blessed!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Country Roads Take Me Home......

Last weekend, Lily, Graeme and I traveled to West Virginia. After an illness, my Aunt Janice had passed away. My mother was flying in from Louisiana and I just needed to be there for her. This was Graeme's first road trip since coming home and his first nights away from Wes. It was also the first time that he stayed with anyone other than Wes or I (while I attended the funeral)....THANKS Summer and Forest!! It is kind of sad when families get so spread out that the only time we really get together are for sad occasions. It was also a blessing. Many of my family members from West Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland and North Carolina were able to meet Graeme. I really hate the reason we were all together but at the same time, there is just a since of coming home when you are at Aunt Joyce's house with all of the cousins. I have many happy memories of listening to my Mom and her 4 sisters tell stories of their childhood while in that house as a child, teenager, young adult and even more from this weekend. Graeme was his usual charming self and won everyone over rather quickly. Lily enjoyed her time as well and now tries to list everyone we were with when she says her blessings at the end of prayers at night. It is fun listening to all that she remembers. I hope we can all get together soon for a happy occasion and include more of the family that did not get to come.

Aunt Erma, Aunt Joyce, and Mom

Erms and Graeme

He is just so darn cute!

Terry, Gail, me, Karen and David (my cousins)

Aunt Joyce with her 4 children and 3 grandchildren

Graeme, Lily, Forest and Summer (Graeme's first babysitters)!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

4th of July Weekend Fun!!!

We celebrated the fourth of July weekend with at our friends Mike and Cindy's house with friends and their family. This is the only picture that I took on the fourth...yes sad and pathetic and busy mother of two. We had a great time and enjoyed the swimming, delicious meal and fire works.
The next evening Lily and I went back over to continue the celebration while Graeme and Daddy had some guy time at home.
Mike with Lily ready to make S'mores

Lily eating her first ever S'more. My little one that usually rejects all sweets ate the entire thing! Can you say Future Girl Scout of America? It actually brought me back to the wonderful years I spent in scouting and brought back many wonderful memories of camping and singing around a campfire. I sang old Girl Scout songs all the way home to Lily. We had a wonderful evening.

Logan showing us the way he likes his marshmellows!

Carson cooking to perfection!

Boone mastering the two marshmellows at once!
Okay so maybe there were more boys than girls at our evening cookout. Still the sights and sounds and aromas were straight out of a chapter of that I want to write with my own children. Amazing!

Thank you Secret Pals!!

Kim and Jeff from Journey to Little Lem (click on link under our favorite blogs) have been our secret pals!!! This was just revealed to us a little over a week ago when we received our final gift from them. They came to our rescue part of the way into the one year secret pal exchange when our first pals just stopped sending gifts. We were so blessed the second time around. Kim and Jeff actually sent gifts for all the months that were missed and then continued to bless us with the sweetest gifts. They also always sent special things for Lily Wen and she loved getting their packages. This last gift was so wonderful. Clothes for both Graeme and Lily and hair scrunchies for Lily and flip flops. We loved each and every gift from you and I loved your notes. My annual conference was 2 weeks after Graeme came home so I did not go but it was so close to where you live. I hope we get to visit your part of the country soon and we would love to meet you. Better yet, since you are Disney fanatics and I am too....we could just all meet in Disney! Thank you for a wonderful year! We can't wait to follow the rest of your journey!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am so behind on posting. Life is busy with a 2 year old!!! We had Graeme baptized the second Sunday after we got home. Here are a few of the pictures of this very special day. I will try to catch up more over the next few days!!!!
Graeme enjoying the view at the front of church!
Participating in the ceremony.

A special moment!

Granny and Graeme

They are so cute!!

Our family of four

Our family with Graeme's Godparents, Brian and Mel and Becky and Mark David. We are so happy to have so many special people in his life. He is so loved!!!

Papa Jim, Granny, Lily, Margaret, Wes and Graeme

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coming Home Video

I think that I have finally been able to upload the video taken by our friend, Heather of our homecoming. Enjoy!!!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Swim

Sarah got Graeme in the water for his first Swim!
Enjoying a break
The Lilys
Lily and Meagan enjoying the pool!
Lily D takes a jump
I think Graeme likes Strawberries!
Picnics with your best friend are the best picnics of all!

Friday, July 4, 2008

A few more homecoming pics

Our friends John, Heather and Lily met us at the airport and I got their pictures of our homecoming this week and had to add a few.

Lily D waiting for Lily Wen

Together after two weeks apart!

They are just so cute!!

This pic of Wes totally explains how we were all feeling at his point!!! Exhausted is putting it mildly.