Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh Where Oh Where Have We Gone!!!!

So grab a beverage and settle in for the update. I did not realize that it has been a month and a half since I updated the blog. Time flies when you are BUSY and we have been BUSY. I began to realize when a couple of people mentioned that I had not updated and they were wondering how we were doing (Thanks Angela and Mikey). We happen to be home today because Graeme is sick. Poor little wee boy has strep throat. It has given me an unexpected chance to catch up or at least update. We will start where I left off....with our January trip to Disney. These are the pics from the last few days...

2 Belles
Lily Wen and Graeme at Epcot
Just a princess, a mouse and a pirate

Meeting Mulan at the China pavilion was a highlight!

Lily Wen

They loved meeting all the characters! Jasmine and Aladdin

Sleeping Beauty-Princess Aurora

While I had been to Disney many times in my past, I had never been to the Animal Kingdom. We loved our first day there!!!


Graeme participated in the finale of the Lion King! He is quite the performer!

We all had a wonderful dinner our last night at the rain forest cafe.

My cousin, Diane and her BFF, Jeff
Leaving Disney was hard for all of us!! So we had to fade ourselves back into reality. As we traveled home, we stopped in South Carolina to visit friends. We reunited with Steve, Lisa, and Bett and met the newest addition to their family Sally Grace. Lisa and I became friends online as we waited for Bett and Lily Wen to come home. We traveled to China together for our first trip and have a lasting friendship. It was a wonderful evening and just what we needed on our way home.
Graeme, Bett, Lily Wen with Sally Grace up front!

Lily Wen and Bett

Sally so SWEET!!!!
The kids played and played and loved dressing up! We really do need to get together again soon
. some point in February, Lily Wen developed hives.....
They were everywhere and 'very itchy'! We spent weeks on Benadryl because we thought it was viral. But at week three we began to think, hmmm...maybe allergies and possibly food allergies. An Epipen was called in and I had a Mommy freak out moment related to the thought of having to use this on my daughter. I took both wee ones for full blown allergy testing (Graeme had been referred too) and we were lucky. Lily is slightly allergic to dogs and mold but does not need weekly shots. With the rough winter that we have had, our dog Bailey has been inside more than usual. We get to keep Bailey and we were all relieved. She is taking daily allergy medicine but did I mention, NO SHOTS!!!! Graeme could have a peanut allergy but it was not definitive so now I carry an Epipen for the wee boy. Bless his heart! I already had the Mommy moment so I am prepared if we ever need it. That has been the latest saga but all in all life is good.

Lily Wen occupied herself at Graeme's basketball game.

Graeme in a Lily sandwich!
and dancing with his class mates after the game!
We FINALLY got to met Amelia! Graeme's Godparents, Mel and Brian, traveled to China in December to bring home their daughter, Amelia. They started their adoption process a year or more BEFORE we did for Graeme and she just came home!!! Amelia is beautiful and reminds me so much of Lily Wen. I cried when I first saw her in church. Graeme was so excited and just kept saying her name over and over again. Like Graeme, Amelia has a 'special need' as she is missing her left hand. Graeme instantly touched her hand and then, looking at her intently, touched his mouth. He did this about three times before it dawned on me that he was showing her his 'special need' or his cleft lip/palate. It was a surreal moment and the sweetest thing ever. We got to visit with them a few weeks later when I snapped these pictures.
This is a full circle moment picture for me. I have a picture of Lily Wen with Mary Grace (the first child that we became friends with who was also adopted in China) that was taken in the airport when Lily came home. I tried to scan it for this post but it did not work. They are sitting in the same pose as Lily Wen with Amelia. In this picture, Amelia is wearing one of Lily Wen's outfits.


This smile just lights up the room!

Simply Stunning and we are so happy that she is HOME!
Well that sums up some of what we have been up to in this blogging break. I am not sure how often I will be here to update for the next few months. We are at dance class 3 nights a week. Lily Wen is in four dances in the recital (it was 3 and she volunteered for a 4th this week). Graeme is making appearances in the recital as Mickey Mouse and Chip from Beauty and the Beast. That is just a little of what is happening. Hoping I can check in with all my bloggy friends soon!