Sunday, August 31, 2008


I celebrated my birthday on Friday, August 29. Lily and Graeme made me a cake with Wes' help of course. Still each year on my birthday, I remember the one that most recently changed our lives. Three years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. I was home alone with Lily when the Hurricane came through and in the aftermath, changed life as we know it. We were about to celebrate the one year anniversary of Lily being home. She was still so tiny. Our city changed after the hurricane. We moved within 2 months of the storm. Each time I go home to visit family it is a little more back to normal or the new normal anyway.

Now, I am watching as a new hurricane is headed toward Louisiana. My mother, brother and sister and their families are all there. There is a part of me that is so relieved to be here safe in the mountains. But as crazy as it sounds, there is a part of me that wants to be there with them. I am not so crazy that I want to experience yet another hurricane but I just want to be there with my family. They have all been on my mind so much. The experts are predicting that Baton Rouge could be on the "other" side of the hurricane....not the "good" side like last time but the "bad" side. I can't imagine it being much crazier than last time. I do think people are more prepared.

So tonight, I can't sleep. I am keeping a constant vigil on the weather channel and talking to my family as much as possible. I am worried about when the storm hits and not being able to get in touch with them. I am hoping it shifts. I am praying for my family and all of those in the path of the storm. I hope you'll join me.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Girls Night Out

With the new addition to our family, we felt it was very important to still have some Mommy/Daughter times. Lily and I went with Becky and her daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah (both home from college) to the outdoor theatre in Prestonsburg, Kentucky to see the Wizard of Oz. This was Lily's first exposure to Oz and she Loved it. Well not the Wicked Witch so much but she was enthralled with the Munchkins and Glenda the Good Witch. This was such a special time for all of us!!! I see many more girls nights in our future!
Lily and Sarah

Lily, Elizabeth, Sarah, Becky and Me

My little munchkin with the Oz munchkins

Lily loved the dancers

Lily even made nice with the Wicked Witch (with Sarah's help of course)

The Lion, Tin Man, Dorothy, Lily and Scarecrow

Monday, August 18, 2008

Life is One Big Party!

Believe it or not, Graeme wakes up smiling and goes to sleep smiling and is happy 99% of his day. There are times where I wish I could just crawl into Graeme's mind and see what he thinks! This occasion was one of those times. It was a block party to celebrate the beginning of school and he had the best time! The pictures say it all!
Lily D, Lily Wen and Graeme

He could have jumped all night.

Ready to slide with the Lilys

Oh the JOY!

Love this SMILE!

He was determined to do it all even the 2 story slide!


Woo Hoo!!!

He even fell asleep with a grin on his face!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The winner is........

The 2009 Honda Pilot
After looking all weekend, we finally purchased our new vehicle. We bought the Silver one! I love it. It has the third row seat if we ever need it! I love the DVD player with the wireless headphones for the kids and I have 3 months of satellite radio for FREE! (Well I' m sure it's not free but anyway).... When you live in a town with 2 radio stations that both play with static, well satellite radio is a whole new experience. Thanks to all who provided information and suggestions. I think I drove them all in two days:) I loved many of the ones you suggested but the above will meet our needs best we think. Also, a big special thank you to Mel and Brian!!! We felt so comfortable shopping this weekend knowing that Lily and Graeme were with you!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HELP! Need suggestions for family vehicle!

I am now in the market for a new vehicle. I know that my BMW was not a family vehicle. It was purchased before we ever decided to adopt our daughter. Now we have added Graeme and still I was not ready to give it up. I loved my car even though it was not meeting our needs. We had planned to keep it until next summer when Wes finishes school. It is almost paid for, almost and we would have enjoyed the no car payment for a few months even though it was inconvenient. Unfortunately, fate had other plans and it crashed and burned last week. No real crashing but some burning.....lots of smoke...not quite dead dead but definitely more to fix it than it is worth. So I am shopping and need to purchase rather quickly. Tell me what you love and what you have not been so happy with. I need a soccer Mom vehicle. I can't imagine myself in a van but Lily is begging for one. I see myself more in an SUV/Crossover.....suggestions would be most appreciated. I had lots of fun in this car and it is hard to change when I just wasn't ready yet. Also, those who know me know that when alone, I like to drive fast. Time to move on so all suggestions are appreciated!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What do you do on a rainy day? DANCE!

Lily Wen loves to perform. So on a recent rainy day. That is exactly what she did. She got into the big basket of dress up and the rest is in the pictures!
Since Graeme firmly believes that he can do anything his Jie Jie can do, well.....
I know that he will hate me for these one day but he is just too cute and I couldn't stand it. Note to relatives who are offended, buy Graeme new dress up clothes for birthday or Christmas!!!

They both had so much fun dancing and singing!

How did we get so blessed?