Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dreaming of Disney!

As I am snowed in yet again, I am dreaming of Disney! We had so much fun so here are some more pictures of a fabulous day at magic kingdom.
Mom, me, Lily Wen and Graeme
Meeting the mean step mother and step sisters of Cinderella. They were histerical!
Stephanie rode the tea cups with the wee ones. Thank goodness because this makes me sooooooo very sick to spin!
Graeme had the ultimate pirate experience when he became Pirate Joseph Squidcheese.
Graeme took a pirate oath that included promising to run from any fight that he could not win!

He participated in a tutorial with Captain Jack Sparrow

Met 'REAL' pirates! Arrrrgh Me Hearty!!!

Joseph Squidcheese in the flesh!

Then, he went on the attack and poor cousin Stephanie was his first victim. Oh the drama!
We went from the pirate experience to the Bibbidi, Bobiddi Boo Boutique for the princess experience!

Lily Wen chose to be Belle!

A pirate and a princess!

Lily Wen is transformed into Princess Lily

Her fairy Godmother Bertha sprinkles fairy dust to make all of her dreams come true.

Introducing Princess Lily Wen!

Disney did make their dreams come true. I still have more pictures to post of this Amazing first visit.