Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween with Just me and my wee ones! Trick or Treating and a Fall Festival! Amazing Day!!
Graeme and 2 Lilys!
Lily Wen
Thanks for the earrings Aunt Verna. They really make the costume, don't you think? Well that and the green faux hawk!

After years of going as 'just a Mom', I went for the Queen of Halloween! It was FUN to dress up with the kids!
Makenna, Lily, Lily Wen and Emma
A little spider won't hurt anything.
Born just days apart on opposite sides of the world and ultimately given the same name. Amazing Friends!
My crew with Jailey!
Stephanie, Carl, Laura and Eliza...friends from OZ!
My friend Kellie and her wee one, Mark Thomas
Visiting with our mermaid friend, Jenna
The face of, "I think I ate a little too much candy!"

Happy Halloween!!!

These pictures were taken earlier this week for a church Halloween activity. I am so glad that the wee ones got dressed up in the pretty fall weather because it is raining and much colder today! We are still planning to trick or treat later and then head to a fall festival!
Graeme is a pirate (again!) and Lily Wen an Arabian Princess!

Hannah and Lily Wen
Graeme and Captain Zach

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Day with Graeme!

This week, I took a day off from work to spend with Graeme and his class. We went to a pumpkin patch that is closer to our home. I was not going to go since we had just gone to a pumpkin patch but I just couldn't resist. Could you resist this face?
He was so excited because he got to ride the big bus and I followed along with all the other parents in our cars.

He spent lots of time with his buddy, Caleb.
I loved watching them explore.
They found the creek and started throwing rocks. I think they would have spent the whole day there!

For Graeme's fans who think that he smiles all the time, he doesn't! Even when he is not smiling, he is quite expressive!!!!
Can't we get a BIG pumpkin Mom?
Just a Mom and her boy on a beautiful Fall day! I am so glad I took the time to go with my weeest one. He won't be wee for much longer and I don't want to miss a moment!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Graeme is FOUR years old! Happy Birthday Wee Boy!

This is quite the long post with a SURPRISE at the end so hang in here! Graeme is turning 4 tomorrow and we celebrated all weekend. We went to Lexington and had a Pirate party with both sets of his Godparents. We had a fabulous weekend and he was so excited.

A Cake made for a Pirate

Graeme with his stack of presents
For those who know him, he continues to be an excellent eater. He ate almost an entire container of spinach and artichoke dip.

He demanded a pirate party! He told everyone that is what he was having along with a wink and an ARGHHHHH for emphasis!

Graeme and "The Godfather" (Mark David)
Mel and Brian with Graeme (what we all wouldn't do to see that smile!)
Graeme LOVED his pirate cup holder (THANKS SARAH!) and his ship! Lily Wen is in character.
The day after the party, the celebration continued at Bi-Water Farms
Lily Wen spots the perfect pumpkin
Pumpkins, everywhere, Pumpkins
Becky and the wee ones on the hay ride


Lily Wen

We got lost in the corn maze but oh what fun it was!

Our search for the perfect pumpkin ended in these great finds!

Graeme kept seeking out the mud and he found it with his bootie

Becky found the perfect tiny pumpkin

Graeme was too busy laughing to do any work

They loved these things and would have spent the day here!

My wee farmers
For someone who is so into pirates, he was not so into this one!

A very tired wee boy after a very festive birthday weekend!

Graeme's Godparents (yes, he NEEDS two sets) Mel and Brian have BIG NEWS!
Today, they received prior approval (FINALLY) to adopt this sweet wee one
Soon to be Amelia! We can't wait to meet her!

Say special prayers for a speedy LOA and travel approval so we can get her home for Christmas!!!!!