Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Time Sled Riding!

What do you do when there are 10+ inches of snow on the ground? Go Sled Riding!!!! This was the wee ones first time going sled riding and they had so much FUN!
Graeme's very first trip down the hill!
I missed Lily Wen's first run because I was trying to get Graeme out of the way.
Carson ready to ride!
Lily Wen and Adeline are ready. For those that know me well, yes, that is my vehicle parked back there. I DROVE there. Growing up in Louisiana did not give me much of an opportunity to learn to drive in snow so I am really proud of today!
Mike gives Graeme a lift up the hill!
Boone flies down the hill!
The hill
Carson...this ROCKS!

It just got better and better!
Graeme was eating a little snow
The looooong walk up.
I just loved that face
Go Lily Wen!
Sled riding is exhausting!

Graeme went down on his belly which was totally his idea!

Could he laugh any bigger?
Of course he can!
Cousin It walks the hill
Getting tired?

The crew: Graeme, Logan, Kyle, Lily Wen, Adeline and Carson
We have another snow day tomorrow and have recently heard that we may have an even bigger snow coming this weekend! Thank goodness for vehicles with 4 wheel drive, snow suits, warm fireplaces and time with my wee ones!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

We interrupt your Disney memories to bring a strong dose of REALITY....the BLIZZARD!!!

So the big question is...How much snow did we get?
This much......
We ventured out early this afternoon and it was still coming down so who knows what the final total is at this point.
Lily Wen and Bailey playing in the SNOW! The snow is light and powdery. Pretty but not great for snowballs or snowmen!
One of our cute!
We were bored inside so we took a short walk in the neighborhood. Graeme was exhausted walking in snow that deep.
Relaxing in the Disney Princess chair. We are a long way from Disney now Baby!
So we headed back in for some hot chocolate. They watched a movie and I curled up with a good book. Embrace the snow days!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ohana Breakfast and Hollywood Studios

We started our day off with breakfast for 11 with Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch and it just got better from there!!!
Stephanie and Lily Wen
Graeme and Caroline
Diane and Jeff, best friends since 4th grade, I think
Tammy and Granny Mary, Cheers
Lilo and Lily Wen
Mickey Mouse and Graeme
Tammy, Lily Wen, Stephanie, Graeme and Caroline
Just me and my wee ones. We had the best time!!!!
One of the highlights of the day were all the new friends that we met.
Jo Jo, Goliath and the wee ones
Graeme and Mr. Incredible...the fist bump.

Loved meeting the characters of UP! Russell, Doug and Carl Fredrickson
Lily Wen loved the American Idol Experience almost as much as Stephanie and Caroline

To Infinity and Beyond
Graeme was flying high when he met Buzz and Woody
Who am I kidding...we were all flying high for this whole trip!