Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Time Sled Riding!

What do you do when there are 10+ inches of snow on the ground? Go Sled Riding!!!! This was the wee ones first time going sled riding and they had so much FUN!
Graeme's very first trip down the hill!
I missed Lily Wen's first run because I was trying to get Graeme out of the way.
Carson ready to ride!
Lily Wen and Adeline are ready. For those that know me well, yes, that is my vehicle parked back there. I DROVE there. Growing up in Louisiana did not give me much of an opportunity to learn to drive in snow so I am really proud of today!
Mike gives Graeme a lift up the hill!
Boone flies down the hill!
The hill
Carson...this ROCKS!

It just got better and better!
Graeme was eating a little snow
The looooong walk up.
I just loved that face
Go Lily Wen!
Sled riding is exhausting!

Graeme went down on his belly which was totally his idea!

Could he laugh any bigger?
Of course he can!
Cousin It walks the hill
Getting tired?

The crew: Graeme, Logan, Kyle, Lily Wen, Adeline and Carson
We have another snow day tomorrow and have recently heard that we may have an even bigger snow coming this weekend! Thank goodness for vehicles with 4 wheel drive, snow suits, warm fireplaces and time with my wee ones!


簡單 said...


Jboo said...

Wow -- what fun times!! Good job on driving in snow!

Hope you have a great week!


Jill said...

Margaret! WHAT FUN!! So much snow!
WE have bitter cold temps but nothing but a skiff of snow.

allie :^) said...

seriously, NO ONE gets better or cuter kid pics than you my dear. precious, priceless, PERFECT! ;) every time. :)