Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Our beautiful butterfly princess!
The Lilys - Lily Wen and Lily D

fun with friends, Lily D, Lily Wen and Emma

The royal court, Lily, Lily and Adeleine

Too Cute

Lily and Jonathan

Our famiily, Margaret, Lily and Wes

We had a wonderful evening trick or treating with our little butterfly princess. We didn't go to too many houses but everyone loaded her up with candy! She only likes the suckers. It leaves a lot of chocolate covered candy. Granny is coming to see her this weekend and Granny LOVES chocolate so that should help with the overflow! Lily was really into the holiday this year. She was excited and a little scared of the scarier masks. I found her hiding behind me quite a few times as we walked with our friends. Our little princess is in bed asleep and I am heading there too! enjoy the pics and leave Lily a Halloween comment. I sure hope our next trick or treater is home by this time next year. A bit optimistic but I hope so anyway!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Me and my girl

Lily and Emma

the Lilys, Lily D and Lily Wen

I love Fall! On Tuesday, I took a mental health day off from work to go with Lily to the pumpkin patch with her K-3 class. It was so much fun. She got to hold an ostrich egg, feed the fish in the pond and learn about how pumpkins grow. We also picked out some really cool pumpkins and got some great fall pictures. It was a wonderful day to spend with my daughter. Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

One Fine FALL Day!

Since I grew up in Louisiana, I never experienced gorgeous Fall days with all the colors in the trees. I remember one year my cousin sent leaves with the beautiful array of Fall colors and I was mesmorized at how amazing a season could be. (By the way, I have the same facination with snow!!) Today was one of those amazing days to be outside, to be alive and to enjoy our family. We took Lily to a lake near our home and captured these shots. Enjoy!!! Happy Fall Ya'll!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our agency recieved our paperwork!

I just got an e-mail from our agency, CCAI, and they received our medical checklist today. We are officially in line. The e-mail stated that there are 200 families on the list in front of ours. It should take about 8-10 months to get a referral. We are thrilled and excited to have made this first step in the new program. I also got to read on the waiting child group for our agency as some families received travel approval and others completed another step to going to China to bring home their children. I must admit that I am a bit obsessed and trying to read as many blogs as I can to learn about what is ahead for us in this process. A new list of waiting children is expected at our agency next week and even though, we have absolutely no expectation to receive a child from this list, I can't wait to hear as the families in our group get their CALL. It will be an exciting week.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today is a special day!

I wanted to post some news today about what a special day we have had. Wes and I have completed paperwork for our agency to possibly adopt a child with a special need. We have discussed this on and off for months and the timing just felt right. We still expect to wait about a year or more before we would possibly receive a referral through this program. We are excited and happy. One of the interesting things is that we get to place information about gender preference on the form and we chose no preference so we could receive a referral for a boy. I don't know if he would be too thrilled with the name Baby Becky so that would definitely change. We shared the news with Lily tonight that she could have a brother or a sister and she was excited. Wes and I have always had difficulty with boy names and have never agreed on one after years of discussion so I asked Lily what she would name a brother if we were blessed with one. Her response and as serious as she could be was "Coyote". While Coyote Miracle does have a certain ring to it, Wes and I will just have to come to an agreement on a name at some point. When we say prayers with Lily at night, she always asks God to "Bless Baby Becky, whereever she is" Tonight we started to pray for "Baby Miracle". We prayed for the referral for the baby that is just right for our family. We would appreciate all of your prayers as well especially for our Baby Miracle!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall Break in Louisiana

Lily, Luke, and John Christopher

How Sweet! Lily and McKenna share a hug!

McKenna, Hannah and Lily...just hanging out with friends!

Lily and I are in Louisiana for Fall Break. We had to leave Wes at home studying hard for the nursing program. He will get to come with us at Christmas time. Lily and I have had a great week. I worked a few days giving a two day workshop for the state on auditory-verbal and the workshop went well. The rest has been fun. We have spent lots of time with my Mom and Sis, Jodi. Look at the pictures of Lily's cousin Luke. He was born when we were here in May and he is growing so much. It has been so much fun to see him. Lily and John Christopher have played really well together. John Christopher is hilarious. Whoever said that girls talk more than boys has definitely not spent any time with John Christopher. He has a running dialogue all the time and his rate of speech is so is unbelievable. We also have seen some of our friends who also have daughters from China. Lily and McKenna were so silly and funny together. When Hannah joined the mix, they really had a time. I just wish that we lived closer so we could do more weekend trips. Enjoy the pictures and I will post more after we get home. Lily and I are going to leave early Saturday so we can try to get home for part of the LSU and UK game. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thank you secret pal

I posted the following a few days ago to the April 2007 LID group and I think I thanked the wrong Secret Pal! Oops! I am really trying to not look at post marks and try to not figure out who my pals are and I am participating in two swaps at the same time. So this is for my CCAI Secret Pal, Sorry I am so late posting this. We just picked up your package at the post office and we love it!! We have been so busy this week that we just checked mail today. Lily loved her cutie bug, lady bug stickers. She was also very curious about this new set of stacking cups. They are different from hers but she agreed to put them up to play with Baby Becky at a later date. I love the CD and Lily and I will take that with us as we head to Louisiana tomorrow for Fall Break. Thank you so much secret pal! You are the best!!