Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Our beautiful butterfly princess!
The Lilys - Lily Wen and Lily D

fun with friends, Lily D, Lily Wen and Emma

The royal court, Lily, Lily and Adeleine

Too Cute

Lily and Jonathan

Our famiily, Margaret, Lily and Wes

We had a wonderful evening trick or treating with our little butterfly princess. We didn't go to too many houses but everyone loaded her up with candy! She only likes the suckers. It leaves a lot of chocolate covered candy. Granny is coming to see her this weekend and Granny LOVES chocolate so that should help with the overflow! Lily was really into the holiday this year. She was excited and a little scared of the scarier masks. I found her hiding behind me quite a few times as we walked with our friends. Our little princess is in bed asleep and I am heading there too! enjoy the pics and leave Lily a Halloween comment. I sure hope our next trick or treater is home by this time next year. A bit optimistic but I hope so anyway!


amy said...

oh What sweet faces!

Anonymous said...

Tooo Funny, my daughter Lilly was a butterfly princess too! I think your daughter is so cute. Here is a link to my butterfly princess. It is neat that they are Lilly's too.

maia said...

She is just lovely in that outfit...and every inch the princess!!She looks very composed and graceful...not easy in the face of all those goblins!