Friday, November 2, 2007

I have the most wonderful Secret Pal!!!!

Thank you Secret Pal! We picked up the mail today and received your package. I was a little worried because there was a rather large whole in the top of the box and our local post office simply stated that it came that way. Yeah right!!!! So somewhere between your house and ours well who knows what happened to the box. I was worried because you always put so much thought and attention into our gifts that part of it may not arrived. Well the box was full! Lily loves her cookie making kit and her personalized stickers were a huge hit! That is what she is hugging to her chest. She hasn't put them down since we opened the box!!! I loved the journal and will start writing to our new baby in this journal. It will be cherished. I have kept one for Lily and will now start to write to baby Miracle as well. I loved the note card unique. The Wheelie pull toy will be lots of fun with our little one! Thanks so much Secret Pal! I can't wait until I can know your true identity. I have not let myself try to figure it out. I love waiting for the surprise!


maia said...

Lily is SO cute!! I know I've mentioned that before, but....