Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Lily Wen!!!

Lily is four years old today. Time really is passing so quickly. I can’t believe that she is four years old. She has changed so much from the sweet little 10 month old that was placed in my arms. She is fiercely independent and simply a joy. She loves music and any live performance. She is excited about our adoption of a sibling. She bounced out of bed this morning in such a good mood and announced that she wanted to go to the Mexican Restaurant for her birthday dinner so they could put the big hat on her and sing to her. She has it all planned out! We are having her birthday party tomorrow evening, High School Musical is the theme as requested (demanded)! I love to see her this excited and it is so much fun.

At the same time, I find myself thinking of her birthmother and wishing that there were someway to tell her about our special Lily Wen. I imagine that on the other side of the world there is a woman in quiet reflection on this day each year. I wish for her peace and comfort. I wish I knew the rest of the story. One of the reasons, I wanted to adopt from China was knowing that I would not have contact with the birth family…less complicated or so I thought. I would give anything to have contact. I would love to send yearly or monthly updates and to be able to tell Lily Wen more about her birth family. I didn’t know. I didn’t know I would feel this way. I wonder what her birthmother thinks about each passing year. I wish I could know.

Happy Birthday Lily Wen!!! May you always know how much we love you!!!! We are so blessed!!!


amy said...

Loving your blog and loving this post even more..Happy bday Lily Wen!

maia said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, little one!!