Wednesday, November 7, 2007

the NEW LIST!!!

Many of you know that I am on many yahoo groups related to adoption. I love the support and the true friendships that I am making online with others who are going through the same experience as I am. One of my current favorite groups is the waiting child group for our agency CCAI. I joined the group right before we submitted the paperwork to adopt a child with a special need. I wanted to know more about the process. I didn't bargain for the wildly interesting people that I would meet through the group. There are many families that received travel approvel when I first joined and they are in China now bringing home their babies/children. I love reading their blogs. There are others in various stages of the process and lots of Woo Hooing for each and ever step that a family passes. Since I joined the group, I have been anticipating along with the group when the next list of children would arrive at our agency. Well, THE LIST arrived today! Many families will be getting their calls in the next few days. We do not expect a call from this list as we are so new to the process. I will live vicariously through the excitement of the group, my new friends. I posted this to our group, "Here is to all the families in that magical place, just teetering on the edge of the most amazing journey. WOW!" and a big WOO HOO!


amy said...

I love the family photo to the side and I love my multiple yahoo groups as well!!!

maia said...

Yes, I love that family photo too!

I'm a big fan of the "new lists" as's so much fun to watch those referrals come in. It's not our time yet either, and to be honest I'm glad it isn't - this is the busiest season we've had yet, and I think if I were expecting a referral this month I might have a heart attack. Better to live vicariously, for the time being!

Carrie&Aaron said...

hey I just came across you blog-I answered Maia question too-I am glad I was not the only one! I just read this one part of your blog I'll have to read the rest! good luck with your adoption.