Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Beach!

We are continuing our intense schedule of relaxation. My biggest decision each day is whether to go to the beach first or the pool.

Lily Wen had to try climbing the rock wall. She made it very high up the wall.

Not to be outdone, Graeme had to try too. He did really well!

The look of joy brought on by a frozen lemonade.
Lily Wen, Alison and Graeme

Just me and my wee ones (and they are still so very wee to me!)

Karen, Alison and my cousin, Mike

We are rockin' this vacation.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rest and Relaxation!

So we arrived at the beach and our schedule has been beach, pool, lunch, nap, pool, actvity, evening walk on the beach, bed, repeat. I could so get used to this. We are here with my cousin, Mike, his wife, Karen and their daughter, Alison. We couldn't be having a better time! Here are some pics from the first few days.

Graeme has discovered body surfing and loves it.

Alison, Lily Wen and Karen

Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th and a wee bit more!

We have been very busy since our last post. I am just really enjoying this summer with my wee ones. I am working but as little as I possibly can!!! We just really needed some down time. Our summer started off with caring for Lily Wen as she broke her elbow the last week of school. She was so strong and even with that splint she Danced and Swam (well splashed about anyway)!

The dinosaur sling that she was given just didn't cut it for my fashionista so thank goodness for SupportingCasts via ebay....This is more her style don't you think!

We were lucky that splinting is all they had to do and after 3 1/2 weeks, she was taken out of the splint and started physical therapy. She was released after 2 sessions as her recovery was exceptional! I am still cautious but she is doing great.

The wee ones stayed with their Dad for a few nights while I went to Orlando, Florida for the AG Bell Convention. I am Certified in Auditory-Verbal Therapy and had to get my continuing education hours to keep my certification. It was hard for me to go and I dreaded the trip but once I was there I had a really great time. I learned alot related to my field, reconnected with colleagues that I only see every 2 years and RELAXED. I even went to Disney, Magic Kingdom and Epcot, with special after 4 p.m. tickets. Thanks to the ladies from Lexington Speech and Hearing for including me in their plans! It was a completely different trip to Disney from the one with the kids in January. I got to ride the 'big girl' rides and what fun we had. Sorry, no pictures...I left the camera at home...can you believe???
For the 4th of July, we have been to a 3 day party at a friends house. This is an annual event with swimming, fireworks and just hanging out. Some camp out in tents each night but we chose to drive across the 'hill' to our home each night to sleep in our beds. (I have promised the kids to get a tent before the party next year). Here are some of my favorite pics from the weekend.

Doesn't he look good in red, white and blue??

They really do love each other!
Lily Wen is roasting a marshmellow for her s'more. Don't you just love the view?

A giant leap with friends!

She could be a surfer!
Another group jump!

On the 4th, we sat around the fire overlooking our small town and watched fireworks all around us. Then we went and had our own fireworks show. As I snuggled on a blanket with my wee ones, I just felt so very blessed. I am so loved by my beautiful wee ones. I am so thankful for wonderful friends who have become family! I am so happy that there are still 4 weeks of summer left and that we will be on vacation 2 of those weeks!