Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today is a special day!

I wanted to post some news today about what a special day we have had. Wes and I have completed paperwork for our agency to possibly adopt a child with a special need. We have discussed this on and off for months and the timing just felt right. We still expect to wait about a year or more before we would possibly receive a referral through this program. We are excited and happy. One of the interesting things is that we get to place information about gender preference on the form and we chose no preference so we could receive a referral for a boy. I don't know if he would be too thrilled with the name Baby Becky so that would definitely change. We shared the news with Lily tonight that she could have a brother or a sister and she was excited. Wes and I have always had difficulty with boy names and have never agreed on one after years of discussion so I asked Lily what she would name a brother if we were blessed with one. Her response and as serious as she could be was "Coyote". While Coyote Miracle does have a certain ring to it, Wes and I will just have to come to an agreement on a name at some point. When we say prayers with Lily at night, she always asks God to "Bless Baby Becky, whereever she is" Tonight we started to pray for "Baby Miracle". We prayed for the referral for the baby that is just right for our family. We would appreciate all of your prayers as well especially for our Baby Miracle!


Carrie&Aaron said...

congrats on signing your MCC-God will bless you and your family with a wonderful boy or girl! I have both-it is fun!you get to do all the girly things and all the boy things too!your daughter is very pretty!Doing a great job mom!

maia said...

Coyote Miracle! It's perfect!!
Keep it.
I applaud you on being open to either sex - so many people request girl in the WCP as well (including us...I can't explain it except that it has to do with the relationship I've had with my mother. Don't know if we'll have the chance to have a second child, and if I only can have one I wanted a girl! It feels selfish, but there it is.) Keep us posted!