Monday, October 12, 2009

Graeme is FOUR years old! Happy Birthday Wee Boy!

This is quite the long post with a SURPRISE at the end so hang in here! Graeme is turning 4 tomorrow and we celebrated all weekend. We went to Lexington and had a Pirate party with both sets of his Godparents. We had a fabulous weekend and he was so excited.

A Cake made for a Pirate

Graeme with his stack of presents
For those who know him, he continues to be an excellent eater. He ate almost an entire container of spinach and artichoke dip.

He demanded a pirate party! He told everyone that is what he was having along with a wink and an ARGHHHHH for emphasis!

Graeme and "The Godfather" (Mark David)
Mel and Brian with Graeme (what we all wouldn't do to see that smile!)
Graeme LOVED his pirate cup holder (THANKS SARAH!) and his ship! Lily Wen is in character.
The day after the party, the celebration continued at Bi-Water Farms
Lily Wen spots the perfect pumpkin
Pumpkins, everywhere, Pumpkins
Becky and the wee ones on the hay ride


Lily Wen

We got lost in the corn maze but oh what fun it was!

Our search for the perfect pumpkin ended in these great finds!

Graeme kept seeking out the mud and he found it with his bootie

Becky found the perfect tiny pumpkin

Graeme was too busy laughing to do any work

They loved these things and would have spent the day here!

My wee farmers
For someone who is so into pirates, he was not so into this one!

A very tired wee boy after a very festive birthday weekend!

Graeme's Godparents (yes, he NEEDS two sets) Mel and Brian have BIG NEWS!
Today, they received prior approval (FINALLY) to adopt this sweet wee one
Soon to be Amelia! We can't wait to meet her!

Say special prayers for a speedy LOA and travel approval so we can get her home for Christmas!!!!!


Waitingfaithfully said...

Awwwwe, Happy Birthday to "Graeme the smiling pirate"! I can't believe he's four!! And as handsome as ever. Love all of the celebrating!

Rejoicing with Mel and Brian on the precious news of their Amelia! She's beautiful!! Another orphan is coming home, it's a good, good day!!!

Thanks for sharing Margaret! I've been thinking of you . . .



Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Happy Birthday Graeme!!!
Great pics, Margaret!

That baby is so darn cute!!! Congratutions to the Mel and Brian!! Praying for speedy LOA!


Chelley said...

Happy Birthday to SWEET Graeme

looks like a GREAT birthday!!! And wow that cake that looks awsome!!

More love to be shared around Amelia looks so so sweet!

Jboo said...

Happy Birthday to Graeme -- how'd he get to be 4 already! What a cute pirate party!

Congrats to your friends -- what a sweet baby girl!


allie :^) said...

that's like one of THE BEST bday cakes i've ever seen dearie! ;) LOVE ALL OF THE ORANGE AND PUMPKINS. love you too! ;) congrats to amelia's mom and dad and yes, let's have her home by xmas!!! ;)

Melody and Brian said...

I love the pic of Graeme with the Pirate!!!!! That is awesome! I am totally going to copy that and include it in my scrapbook page of you guys for Amelia's scrapbook.

That face is not one you see very often..... I saw it when Buddy was on the scene too!

zsjmom said...

Happy Birthday Graeme!!! I just can't decide what I like best about this post, the muddy bootie, the cuter than cute birthday cake, the big smiles on two kiddos I love, or the precious news of a referral. Wow Margaret! Keep those posts coming!

amy said...

Oh I missed a lot but happy birthday sweet boy said...

How wonderful, from beginning to end!!!! I love all the pictures!!! What a fun-themed party! Sooooo happy for your friends' good news about Amelia. She is beautiful!

Gail said...

Happy Birthday to your little he's 4! William will be 4 on Christmas day. Graeme is so stinkin cute I can't stand it and FULL of personlity by his pics.

Congrats to your friends with their new baby girl...what a cutie!

FHL said...

Oh WOW!!! I don't know whether to wish Graeme a SUPER Happy Be-lated Birthday first or a HUGE congratulations to your friend's!!! Is it just me, or does hearing about another baby finding a forever home make you misty eyed every time! Love it!!!

Looks like Graeme had such a wonderful birthday! He is just too cute! (And don't tell him, but that one pic at the farm with the pirate left me chuckling! lol)

Hope you three are doing well Margaret!!!
Sending a big hug your way,

Chad/Kristy said...

Margaret~ Do you remember me? We were in China together last year. We adopted Liberty. Your kids are adorable! I LOVE your blog! Check out ours at