Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thank you Secret Pals!!

Kim and Jeff from Journey to Little Lem (click on link under our favorite blogs) have been our secret pals!!! This was just revealed to us a little over a week ago when we received our final gift from them. They came to our rescue part of the way into the one year secret pal exchange when our first pals just stopped sending gifts. We were so blessed the second time around. Kim and Jeff actually sent gifts for all the months that were missed and then continued to bless us with the sweetest gifts. They also always sent special things for Lily Wen and she loved getting their packages. This last gift was so wonderful. Clothes for both Graeme and Lily and hair scrunchies for Lily and flip flops. We loved each and every gift from you and I loved your notes. My annual conference was 2 weeks after Graeme came home so I did not go but it was so close to where you live. I hope we get to visit your part of the country soon and we would love to meet you. Better yet, since you are Disney fanatics and I am too....we could just all meet in Disney! Thank you for a wonderful year! We can't wait to follow the rest of your journey!