Saturday, July 19, 2008

4th of July Weekend Fun!!!

We celebrated the fourth of July weekend with at our friends Mike and Cindy's house with friends and their family. This is the only picture that I took on the fourth...yes sad and pathetic and busy mother of two. We had a great time and enjoyed the swimming, delicious meal and fire works.
The next evening Lily and I went back over to continue the celebration while Graeme and Daddy had some guy time at home.
Mike with Lily ready to make S'mores

Lily eating her first ever S'more. My little one that usually rejects all sweets ate the entire thing! Can you say Future Girl Scout of America? It actually brought me back to the wonderful years I spent in scouting and brought back many wonderful memories of camping and singing around a campfire. I sang old Girl Scout songs all the way home to Lily. We had a wonderful evening.

Logan showing us the way he likes his marshmellows!

Carson cooking to perfection!

Boone mastering the two marshmellows at once!
Okay so maybe there were more boys than girls at our evening cookout. Still the sights and sounds and aromas were straight out of a chapter of that I want to write with my own children. Amazing!


Waitingfaithfully said...


Catching up with your "catching up" posts! Love all of the new pictures, especially your happy family of FOUR picture on Graeme's baptism day!

Looks like your sweet boy is doing great! Does he have the best smile, or what?!



Chelley said...

Love the pics!!!

Janelle said...

we've enjoyed camping the past few years, too -- it's so timeless to spend time with friends outside by the fire, isn't it?

You all look great - hope your adjustment continues to go well.

Thanks for your very sensitive comment on my 'crossroad' post. Because this decision brought so much peace, the choice was much easier. said...

It's so nice to see Graeme home with his family where he belongs!!!! Everyone looks happy & rested. What a beautiful family you have! AnnMarie & JonTerez are just amazed that you went to China & came back with Graeme! :) Enjoy your summer! I totally get the Girl Scout memories!!! I was one, too! Love those s'mores & songs!

FHL said...

Those look yummy! Minus Logan's that is ;o)

You have a beautiful family Margaret!

OH MY #6 said...

looks awesome.