Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time with Friends!

It's about time I post these pics. They were taken at Christmas as we visited with dear friends. First we visited with Mary Grace and her parents, Kim and David. We all became friends when we waiting for our referral for Lily Wen. We had some wonderful discussions that kept me going during that first wait. We also got to spend precious time with Mary Grace as we envisioned our future. Our time with them is precious and wonderful and we can't wait for our next visit.

Graeme, Mary Grace and Lily Wen

Lily looking so FABULOUS!!!!

Mary Grace and Lily Wen in their fashion show!

A few days later we headed to visit with our friends in Pride. There are three families on one street who have all adopted from China. We all got together the first time a few months after Lily Wen came home and before they had received their referrals. One of the Mom's to be, Roxanne, and I had gone to high school together and she found me through our travel blog. That first visit forged a bond between our four families that is special. I look forward to seeing them each time we are in Louisiana. This trip was special as we got to meet Sophie for the first time and introduce Graeme.

Makenna, Lily Wen, Graeme and Hannah

Sophie, Lily Wen and Sydney

All 6 together for the first time, Lily Wen, Makenna, Hannah, Sophie, Sydney and Graeme

A tradition....we have to do one upside down shot every year!

Graeme and Sydney....I LOVE this picture. You see, knowing Sydney helped open my eyes and heart to Graeme!
Hugs and Love to all of our special friends in Louisiana....until this summer!

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Beginnings

I have been absent again. Sorry to my blogging friends. There are many changes going on right now. I am also making some changes to the blog and need your help. I need a new name for the blog. Journey to Baby Miracle never really worked since we ended up with a Journey to Toddler Miracle. What a journey it has been. Now the blog will focus on life with two very busy wee ones. With a last name like Miracle, it should be easy to name the blog but I don't want it to sound cheesy so HELP!!! I would love to say that there is a "name my blog" contest with prizes but alas, no prizes. You would just have the pure JOY of helping a friend in need. Of course, if I go with your idea, I will give you full credit on the blog. I have a few ideas of my own and may go with one of those but wanted your input and creative ideas.