Sunday, June 21, 2009

Surgery #3

Graeme and I traveled to Lexington and got to spend the day with both sets of his Godparents.  We shopped some with Brian and Mel and as usual, they spoiled him! Tonight we are in staying with my friends and his other Godparents, Becky and Mark David.  We have had a wonderful evening and shared a meal outside.  It was so cool and peaceful.  Wonderful conversation and oh so relaxing.  This is just what I needed on the eve of Graeme's 3rd surgery since coming home.  Becky and I will take him to Louisville early in the morning to prep for his surgery at 7:45.  He has a small fistula that never closed after his cleft palate repair last October.  It is an outpatient surgery to repair the cleft palate.  Any surgery is scary for a wee one and a Mom so keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  As for Lily Wen, she is enjoying "girl time" with her best friend Lily and Lily's wonderful, saintly parents, Jon and Heather.  We are so blessed to have friends who are family!


Chelley said...

prayers coming your way!!! I hope that everything goes well! And there isnt too much pain...

Update us on how things go when you can!

zsjmom said...

You are on my mind this morning. I am guessing that Graeme is finished and all is well now, but I will be anxious to see your update. Love you guys --Tamara

Denise said...

Thinking of you today... and praying.

Cora said...

Hope things are going well, I will be thinking of Graeme today.

Take Care,

Gail said...

Graeme and you are in my prayers...hoping for minimal pain and fast healing. Surgery is hard for you all.

hugs to you!

Kellie said...


I'm praying for you today. Sometimes surgery is tougher on the people in the waiting room! I hope all goes well with your precious boy!

Take care-

Jboo said...

Hope all went well for Graeme and you too! Will be keeping you all in my prayers and hope for a speedy and full recovery. Take care.