Saturday, July 18, 2009

An afternoon at Mikie's house

I am determined to catch up on posting pictures from our Louisiana trip before August!!!! We spent an afternoon at my brother's house. It was wonderful to see Mike, Mary and the kids, Anna, Alex, Ashley Grace and Catherine. As you will see, there are more pool pictures. It is soooooo HOT in Louisiana that we spent most of our time in a pool! I wish we all lived closer so we could see each other more often. Looking forward to Christmas already!

Lily Wen loved the play house and would have spent all day in there!

Lily Wen and Graeme greeting visitors!

The rope swings were a big hit too!

Graeme was actually a little nervous but kept on smiling!

Ashley Grace and Graeme loving some watermelon

Catherine and Lily Wen

Catherine - so CUTE!

Alex, Ashley Grace and Graeme playing in the pool.

Ice cream break!

I think he thought he was sneaking in where he shouldn't be playing. It made the experience even more fun for him ;^)

Graeme loved playing in the fountains!


zsjmom said...

of course Graeme kept smiling - that doesn't surprise me a bit.. and I am with Lily- that is one AWESOME playhouse, every girl's dream

Jboo said...

Wow -- what a cool playhouse!! Looks like so much fun! Cousins are the best, aren't they! Have to read back a ways to catch up with you. Have a fun weekend -- I know you will!


Mama Duck said...

Looks like so much fun! That is an incredible playhouse! (All of those pictures were so good!)

allie :^) said...

you have friends and family w/ GREAT POOLS! ;) lucky duck. ;)

Chelley said...

that play house ROCKS I am surprised you out them out of there at ALL!

Patientlywaiting said...

Looks like an amazing time! I can see why Lily Wen loved the playhouse I don't think I would want to leave it either!