Sunday, May 16, 2010

I hope you DANCE!

My wee ones as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
Dance Minnie!
You have to love this face!
Graeme in the finale
Lily and Lily Wen
Just me and wee one 1
Simply Sweet

Lily is very into dance. She is a serious dancer so she was asked to lead two of the dances for younger dancers. Her petite size also gave her an advantage. She is leading the 3-4 year olds in a dance to Bibbiti, Bobbiti, Boo!

After a quick change, she was a mermaid in Under the Sea

Now, she is her favorite princess of all, Belle! That is Graeme in the background as Chip.

My Belle and My Chip
Lily leads a group of Minnies as they dance to "Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind"
Guess who played Mickey! When he came on stage, all the Minnies faint! He was so cute!
His costume was a little small since he has grown so much since he was measured for it in December! Amazing!
After three performances this weekend, we are taking it easy this morning. We will have to get dressed eventually and take Mom to the airport. This week with her has flown by! It will be hard to see her go but we are so glad she was here with us this week!


Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What a beauty your Empress is! And you lil man is cute as can be in his Mickey costume!

Love and blessings,

Tamara said...

love it!! precious pictures, and Graeme's face is priceless...go Lily Wen!

Holly said...

What a fun time with your wee ones! They are both so cute! Lily Wen leading the young ones.... very neat! Love you guys! Holly

Patientlywaiting said...

Oh my goodness, they are just the cutest! Great pictures!


redmaryjanes said...

Darling! Darling! Darling! Sophia was Jasmine this year.
She only had one costume.
Lily Wen is a real star!

Anonymous said...


allie :^) said...

omg! that close up pic of graeme as mickey mouse is simply TO DIE FOR! breathtakingly, amazingly to die for. :)