Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Ever-Lasting Halloween

We have had three days of Halloween festivities! I am glad my wees are in the bed. They have to be exhausted! We started out with Friday afternoon and went trick or treating downtown. Then, Lily Wen had had her first elementary school dance. She won 2nd place in the Halloween costume contest for her age.
Lily Wen and Bailey
Olivia, Adeleine, Carson, Graeme, Lily Wen and Kyle
We ran into lots of friends while trick or treating.
The mermaid and the pirate
Saturday, we went to a party at our neighbor's house. The kids enjoyed a hayride, sack races, and lots of Halloween games.
Graeme loved the hayride!
They're off through the neighborhood!
Graeme trying to take a bite of the apple with no hands. It was Hysterical!!!!
Then, we met more friends where we took a hayride to the top of the hill so we could trick or treat on the way down. (That is our church in the background)
Carson and Graeme
Eliza, one gorgeous Tinker Bell!
Laura, Jasmine never looked prettier
Today, we went to the Fall Festival at our friends' church. More fun and time with friends!
My Ninja Warrier (he is trying to kick as high as his sis can)


Lily, Lily Wen and Graeme (When another child asked Lily what she was dressed as, she pointed to Lily Wen! So sweet!)

So this Halloween is done!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Graeme's Rockin 5th birthday!

It is so hard to believe that Graeme is turning 5 years old this week. It seems like just yesterday we met that scared little 2 year old in China. He is not scared anymore.....scary maybe but not scared! He wanted to ROCK his party and I'd say that he did!
My wee rocker!

Time to sing to the Rocker!
His movie from HIS CHINA!
It is really hard to tell if he had any FUN at all!
Just me and the wee boy!
They loved the skeleton glasses!Graeme and Cameron
2 Lilys
The bestest of friends and sweet Bailey peeking in the background!
Bailey and Lily Wen

As I just can't say enough, I am one blessed Mom! We had a great day! Happy Birthday Graeme!!!!!! I can't imagine my life without you!!!!