Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exploring Creativity

Some may not agree with my parenting style but I do the best again to make decisions for the wee ones and to let them grow to be the beautiful individuals that they are becoming. With that said, Graeme has rocked his faux hawk for quite a while. I should not have been surprised when he walked up to our stylist, the fabulous Mrs. Sheila, and asked, I mean begged for her to shave the sides of his head so he could have a real mohawk. Begged as in folded hands and pouty face. Seriously, who could resist and it is only hair. It has already grown back! Hoping it was a phase but with Graeme, life is one big adventure!

We had to radically change Lily Wen's hair for Dr. Suess day at school. This our version of Lily as Cindy Lou Who. Quite cute and creative I think!

Some time this spring was spent playing basketball!

And cheering her brother on!

Speaking of creative, here are my cousin's extremely creative but not so wee, wee ones.

Chris, Caroline, Stephanie and Matt (John is missing from the pic but just as creative as his siblings)

Caroline and Matt starred in their college production of My Fair Lady and we loved it!

The whole crew after the performances!

The Nutcracker 2010...still behind

These are from the Nutcracker performances in 2010....still playing blog catch up.

Just me and my wees

A hot chocolate break in between performances.

This is the view from our front window! I love when it snows!

My performers

I love the look on Graeme's face.

Two Lilys

Graeme loves to dance or is it that he loves the girls who dance???

Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh Blog, How Have I Neglected Thee!!!


I have been a busy Mom to two very busy wee ones. Between our travels, dance, online dating for me (that deserves a post all of it's own but this is a family blog), dance, school for the wees, work for me, dance, basketball for Graeme, and just trying to keep my head above water with 2 very active wees, well something had to give and it was the blog. I am going to try to update the past months of our life to catch up so to speak. This is Christmas, 2010 that we spent with my family in Louisiana!

Graeme and Luke playing at the park

My wee climber (isn't this how she broke her elbow last spring??)
Graeme learns from sis

Who started all this anyway? My sis!!!

Cameron loved the boxes and paper

Granny Mary and 5 of her grandchildren, Luke, Lily, Cameron, Graeme and John

Cookies for Santa

Christmas was a good year to be a wee

My baby sis and her baby, Cameron

All the Cain Cousins!

Graeme getting flipped by Uncle Mike

Graeme wanted a change....he insisted!!!!!!

Graeme and best bud, Carson

Loving basketball!

Lily helped cheer at the games and enjoyed flipping.

So that is the first catch-up post. Hoping I can do one a day and get caught up. Enjoy!