Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby Becky's Present

Thank you Secret Pal! Today we received the sweetest gift from our secret pal. I am a member of many adoption groups but the one that I am the most active on is the one for people who are also Logged In in the month of April through our agency CCAI. With the wait being so long, we are doing a gift exchange. I have been assigned a secret pal that I will send a gift to every month and one has been given my name. Today we received our first secret pal gift! I must admit that it made me cry. The note from our pal was so sweet. Baby Becky's first present from our pal is a boo bunnie ice pack and it is so cute. She also sent some bath gel for Lily which Lily loved! It meant so much to me that our pal thought of Big Sister Lily. Lily carried the bath gel around until she fell asleep with it in her hands at nap time. Many of you may remember that I obsessively shopped for Lily while we waited. I have not allowed myself to buy one present for Baby Becky especially with the wait being soooo long this time. It was so nice to recieve the gift today. Thanks again secret pal!


amy said...

Oh how sweet!!! We will talk soon I promise..Arent surprise gifts the best?