Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Beach Pics and Happy 4th of July

We celebrated the 4th today with my good friend, Becky. We just had a wonderful time visiting and hanging out by her pool. I hope everyone else had a wonderful day as well. I am finally getting around to posting some of the pictures of my trip with Lily to the beach last week. We had so much fun and the big news is that Lily learned to swim without her floaties!!! We were so excited and all she wants to do is practice now. She had lots of fun playing and singing with her friend, Bett. They repeated silly lines from movies to each other and had Lisa and I laughing along with them. It was a great experience to see them together. I really enjoyed the camping even more than I thought that I would. We had wonderful neighbors at the camp ground that really looked out for us. After Hurricane Katrina, I have vowed to never live anywhere near a coast again but I sure enjoyed visiting. I would have loved to have stayed all summer. Enjoy the precious pictures of Lily and Bett. Lisa and I talked a lot about how blessed our lives are with these two sweeties!


amy said...

These are just too sweet!