Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fun Weekend

Lily and "Taylor" at the High School Musical Performance

flying high

Wes, Lily and I all headed to Prestonsburg, KY for the weekend for relaxation and a live performance of......(anyone who knows Lily will know) High School Musical. We had so much fun! The performance was at an outdoor amphitheater and the weather was perfect. Lily was in rare form. There were so many families around us with there daughters who were 10-14 years of age and there we sat with Lily, a tiny 3-year-old who thinks she is 10-14:) As soon as the production started, Lily began to dance and sing along in her chair and didn't stop. Many around us stopped watching the performers because Lily's performance was so mesmorizing. we had many comments at intermisson about our little actress. She was worried during intermission because of her many times watching the movie, she knew that it was not over and did not want to miss the end. She continued to dance and sing right along with the actors until the end of the show. She did cry at the end...I am talking large tears because she did not get to go on stage (no one did). We had to reassure her that when she got big that if she wanted to perform that she could. Wes said that we better start a trust fund now because she will never support herself acting. All I can say is that she can really belt it out for a 3 year old. We sure hope Baby Becky enjoys music because I can see many live performances in our future! Enjoy the pictures of our little actress. By the way, she wore the t-shirt from the performance for over 24 hours straight until we had to bribe her to wash it so she could wear it again to daycare the next day. Talk about a Drama Queen! We are so blessed.


amy said...

those pics are just wonderful!!! She seems to have had a wonderful time!!!