Monday, August 27, 2007

a walk down 'bow' lane inspired by my secret pals

10 months old in Chongquing, China
The Southern girl in me just came out and the bow
was bigger than little Lily's head!
our first week home in Louisiana

Her first St. Patrick's Day Parade

Spriing Time in Louisiana

A year later, Spring time in Kentucky

Our Winter CUTIE
Well we are officially 4 months into the wait. Some days go by quickly and others just drag along. Today was dragging. Then, I recieved my second secret pal gift within a week. Let me just say that these pals must know me because they have both sent bows for Becky. One of the gifts we got last week and I am just late in adding it to this blog. It is from a swap I am doing with people who all turned in their paperwork in the same month we did. We received 2 Karen Katz lift the flap books and a beautiful black and pink bow. I love it. Those of you who followed our journey to Lily will remember how bow crazy I was. We love the gift and thank you so much secret pal. Our other present arrived today from my secret pal who is using our agency CCAI. It was a purple onsie with socks and matching bows for Becky. Little did she know that my favorite color is Purple. I love it and can't wait to see Becky all decked out. She also sent the cutest turtle for Lily. You put it in water and it grows. We are calling him Tiny Timmy and he should be growing as I type. Thanks so much secret pals. You both made my week!! After I typed this, I just couldn't resist pulling up old bow and hat pics of Lily. As you can imagine, I had plenty to choose from. I put six yes just six on this post. Enjoy! I may be biased but she is just so darn CUTE!!!!


amy said...

these are beautiful. I am just fascinated with bows now..There are so many out there! said...

Hey, Margaret!!! We miss you and were just checking in to see how y'all are in Kentucky!!!! Lily is adorable. She's getting so big!!!! I can't find your e-mail address because I'm using a different computer - mine is sick. Write when you can!!! I look forward to seeing you in BR in October!!