Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Wee Graduate

Lily Wen's K-4 graduation was last week. It is a big deal in our small town. There is a wonderful program that celebrates the history of America and our area of the country. It was beautiful!

Lily Wen is dressed for her part as a Kentucky Lady

Anthony as Christopher Columbus and Lily Wen
(His mother and I are attempting to prearrange their marriage!)

Lily Wen and Maleah

Lily as the Statue of Liberty with my Lily Wen

A sassy Southern lady!

So, so Sassy

Lily Wen and her Entourage...Granny Mary, Jonathan, Ann, Becky, Graeme, and Elizabeth

Lily and Lily Wen, the Graduates

Lifelong friends are made in preschool!

Lily Wen and some of her classmates sing "My Ole Kentucky Home"

The finale of the show. I watched as tears streamed down my face as my beautiful Chinese daughter belted out "I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free!" She sang the song with such enthusiasm and our whole group got the significance of this song for my daughter. AMAZING!

So I didn't get any cap and gown pics...we took these today!

Her High School Musical Jump!

The Graduate

Leaping into his future!

Graeme, 2 more years bubba!


Donna said...

some things we miss as a homeschooling family :) Adorable pics!!

FHL said...

Oh dear, that song always makes me a drippy eye'd mess, but I'd probably need a whole darn tissue box hearing Lily Wen sing it!

What an adorable graduation program her school put on for the children!!!

Chelley said...

WOW that is so darn cool! and the photos are so cute!!!

they do nothing liek that here

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What great photos! I LOVE the jumping photos of both wee ones!


Jboo said...

Great photos!! Congrats to your little graduate -- she is so beautiful. I'm sure your heart was about to burst with pride!

Have a great week!


Truly Blessed said...

AWESOME pictures of a really fun family event!!

My oldest son will don cap and gown tomorrow evening for his High School graduation. I'm not ready for it!!

Patientlywaiting said...

What precious memories. That song always makes me cry. I can't imagine the emotion it would bring to hear your China treasure sing it with joy!


zsjmom said...

She looks FABULOUS! I can tell it is a big deal, still loving that sassy shorter hair on her. - Tamara

Christine said...

Lovely pictures! What a big girl!

Lesa said...

How cute! I do wish we had of had the full cap and gown ceremony. I guess we were at least lucky to have the cap. ha

Your children are very cute.