Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunshine Picnic

I have a lot to catch up on because my mini vacation put me behind posting here due to a slow internet connection. Last Thursday, we had a family picnic to end the preschool year at Sunshine! Lily Wen and Graeme had a great time. These are some of my favorite shots of the day.

Graeme, Lily Wen and Lily

They all loved the big blow-up slide!

Time out for a cool treat

For those of you who think that Graeme smiles all the time, here is proof that it just isn't so. I had to catch his pouty face. He was sitting in the "Naughty Spot" for shoving kids to get to the head of the line to get on the blow-ups. Yes behind that angelic face is a real BOY!
Mrs Bryson, the director of Sunshine with my wee ones. I am so blessed to have them in this program. It makes it easier to work when you know your kids are loved and cared for!


Cora said...

Wonderful pics. Looks like you had a good picnic.

FHL said...

I think he was just trying to get to the head of the line because someone needed help and he was trying to get there as quickly as possible....surely there was a misunderstanding, right *wink*

(Even frowning he's still too darn cute!)

There's a new family in our Bible study group who adopted a cute little man from China and they too are adopting from Ethiopia. (How cool is that!) Their little guy is a constantly smiling too and oh so cute!

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend my friend!!!

Denise said...

What great pictures! I bet that Graeme pushed those kids down WHILE smiling. LOL

Jboo said...

Fun times! I'd want to be first in line too!

Have a great week.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great pictures...You have a great blog.
I enjoyed reading it today.

Be sure and stop by my blog and sign up for the "10 Giveaways" that I will draw for on Wednesday.

Also, please pray for sweet Maggie as she returns to St Jude's this week. Would love for you to grab her button for your blog...