Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Special times with Wonderful friends!

This was another very special day on our trip to Louisiana. When I was a teenager, close FAMILY friends adopted my Godsis, Danielle. I remember when she came home and all the excitement around her adoption and that of her older sister, Amanda. I think from those special moments as a young teenager, I was touched by adoption and it just became a natural way for me to build my family. On this trip, my Godsis, Danielle, and her daughter, Molly, joined me for a visit with close friends who have all adopted from China. I love going home and seeing friends and there is just always something special about seeing all the kids play together. We were able to see four families with children from China (3 that we have known since right after Lily Wen came home and 1 that we were able to meet on this trip). There is another interesting side note about red thread connections. I went to an extremely small private school for high school (my graduation class had 63 students). Two of the other Moms also went to my high school. We all adopted from China and all realized it either after we were home or while waiting for our little ones. On to the pics of our day!

Molly and Mommy, Danielle

Makenna and Lily Wen with Danielle and Molly. So sweet!

Audrey and Graeme are 3, Lily Wen 5, Makenna 4, Sydney and Sophie 5

Our upside down picture (we take one each time we get together)

Lily Wen and Makenna started the tradition in one of our first visits after Makenna came home.

Sydney and Lily Wen are three months apart in age. As Lily Wen now says, "I'm just petite!" I think that may be an understatment!

Graeme is already riding in cars with girls!

Miss Molly! Stunning!

The underwater shots...Makenna and Lily Wen

The trio, Lily Wen, Hannah (who joined us later in the day) and Makenna

Hannah 4 years old

Graeme with his signature smile. (He was probably developing swimmer's ear as this shot was taken! Oh well)


Three oh so special girls!

Hannah...with attitude!
So much FUN! Looking forward to our next get together hopefully at Christmas!


Jboo said...

GReat photos -- what a fun group of kids! Love those upside-down and underwater shots -- very cool!


zsjmom said...

lovin the traditions, photos, all of it - what a special trip!

Cora said...

Great photos! Love the underwater and the upside down ones! How great to be surrounded by good friends.

Take Care,

Lesa said...

What is it with the hip pose?? Come by and see my daughter striking the very same pose. ha

Kristy said...

Look at Graeme with all those beautiful women around him!!! lol

I love all of these pics, BEAUTIFUL!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

~Issy said...

And i found YOUR blog, too! :))

Fantastic photos...and i so love the hip pose!

FHL said...

OK, what type of camera are you shooting with?! Those are some of the best (non magazine with 20k lenses) pics I've ever seen!

Thank you so much for each and every prayer! How did you do it waiting for Graeme once you saw his sweet face? I truly don't think a heart beat passes without E. claiming my thoughts. So praying he'll be home soon.......