Sunday, December 23, 2007

Baking for Santa

Just getting the dough ready!!
John Christopher was driving the train cookie cutter through the flour!

Here we prove the saying, "Anyone can cook!"

Lily Wen getting a little messy with Santa's cookies

John Christopher too!

Back to business!

Baby Luke had to join in the fun!

John Christopher, Lily Wen and Luke

Lily had so much fun with her cousins, John Christopher and Luke. She is practicing becoming a big sister and is so helpful!!!! They had so much fun making Christmas Cookies for Santa. We decorate them later today so stay tuned!


Janelle said...

good times! did you dress Lily in white on purpose so the flour wouldn't show?

hope to see some photos of kids EATING cookies!

Merry Christmas to your family!

maia said...

Those pictures with the flour-faces are adorable!! I have one like that of my doggie from one Christmas' cookie-baking session...maybe next year we'll have one of our Flynn to post?!

Donna said...

Fun!! It's those things that really make Christmas, the memories of getting messy together! Lily Wen is adorable and I'm glad she's getting practice in on being a big sister! She'll need it soon!