Friday, December 21, 2007

Just Waiting!

We are waiting again and it is so much harder with Graeme's sweet face looking at us from the pictures. I think of him often throughout the day but most intensely first thing in the morning when he is going to bed and last thing at night when he is beginning his day. I pray for him to be happy and healthy until we can bring him home. We thought we would most likely travel in May. However, April 2007 paperwork is beginning to move quicker so it could be anytime from March to May. We of course want him home as soon as possible. Wes, Lily and I are in Louisiana for the holidays and are having a wonderful time with family. Lily has loved playing with her 2 year old cousin and I am hoping this is preparing her a little more for Graeme. We are currently waiting for PA which is prior approval and then we will wait for LOA which is letter of acceptance. There is a family in China right now that adopted a little girl from Graeme's orphanage. I e-mailed them as they are visiting the orphanage tomorrow. I am hoping that they get to see him and maybe even take a picture of him. The referral pictures that we have are months old and I would love to see a newer picture. Their daughter seems to be transitioning well which is such a blessing. We hope that their trip will be a safe one. All I want for Christmas is a new picture of our SON!