Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I have a new April 2007 Secret Pal

I have not blogged about it at all but I have been participating in two secret pal swaps. I am participating in one with my agency and another with my Log in Date group - April 2007. I have loved shoopping for my pals and sending their gifts. I also love opening the gifts with Lily each month as we talk about our baby Miracle. Well after the first month, my secret pal for the April group just disappeared. After the second month, I contacted the owners and swap organizers so they could check on her. I was worried and still we have heard nothing back from her to my knowledge. This month I was reassigned to another pal who sent me my first gift today and boy did she make up for the last few months. She did more than her share and sent gifts for October, November and December. Lily and I had a ball opening the presents. She sent Halloween socks and cookie cutters for October, scrapbook paper and chopsticks, travel cheat sheet for November, books, advent calendar, chinese take out ornamen and the cutest little Santa bib for December. This was amazing to come home to!!!! I LOVE MY NEW SECRET PAL!


maia said...

Wow - tons of great gifts! That's a good pal!!