Monday, February 4, 2008

Good News, Not so Good News, and Bad News!

Half the Sky is an organization that sponsors programs at many of the orphanages. They are currently providing emergency relief to many of the orphanages. Many orphanages are having difficulty due to the worst storms and cold weather that parts of China have experienced in 50 years. The areas are simply not equipped to handle this type of weather. If you are able to make a donation to help the children, please visit . Since seeing the first reports, I have been very concerned about Graeme's orphanage.

Yesterday, I contacted Jeff at Packages of Hope. This is an organization that has done some things specifically for the Bengbu Children Welfare Institute. They recently sent warm clothes and fruit to the orphanage for the Chinese New Year. This is the response that I received from Jeff today:

All,I JUST now heard from the volunteer. There is snow in Bengbu, but the children are doing very well in the orphanage. The heat is on, and their supplies are good. Packages of Hope has made a donation for the Chinese New Year to the orphanage, and the children are receiving some new clothes and some fruit. Our volunteer Sun Lele says that Ms. Wan and the other ayi's are giving fruit to the children every day. Best regards,Jeff Kircik (

This was such a relief that I started to cry as I read the information today. I know that Graeme is in God's hands until we can bring him home.

Now for the not so good news, LOAs came out today. Many people got theirs including people with the same PA date as us. I was very hopeful throughout the day. It appears that we did not get ours and agency does not anticipate receiving any more until after the Chinese New Year. I am happy for the other families but really bummed for Graeme and us. This wait is so much harder!!!

Bad news, well Lily's fever spiked again last night. We went back to the pediatrician and had more tests done. We were just there last Thursday. She has a confirmed case of Influenza. Ugh! She told me that she feels "Puny Patoonie"....Bless her little heart. She has also lost a pound since last Thursday. She really doesn't need to lose any weight. I hope she feels better soon.

"Worser News" - We think Wes is coming down with the flu too!


Truly Blessed said...

So glad you got good news about Graeme's SWI -- what a horrible feeling it is to sit here and wonder. I also had someone call my daughter's CWA (found out the power has been out for days, but that they're doing well and keeping warm).

I certainly hope your LOA comes soon! I just got my dossier off to my agency today...everything that could have gone wrong did...frustrating to say the least!

I hope all of your kiddos are feeling better soon. This is a gross time of year!

Kim & Jeff said...

Sorry to hear that you have the crud lurking in your house.

Hope that your LOA comes very soon as I know how much you want to have Graeme in your arms :)