Sunday, February 24, 2008

Graeme's room and Lily Wen's room

Getting the pictures of Graeme really helped light a fire so we would work on his and Lily's rooms. His room has come quite a ways from a medium green wall with dark green trim (we bought it with these colors...not our doing) I should have taken a before picture. We had referred to the room as Granny's room because it is where she stayed when she visits...Lily is concerned about where Granny will sleep now. Since Lily ends up in our bed every night, I think we will be okay!
The headboard is from Lily's crib and the Mickey's ...well those that know me, know where they are from. That is years of collecting and there are still 4 large bags of Disney beanies in the basement.

Lily went through her books and is sharing with Graeme and many have sent special books for him. We love reading aloud and can't wait to share our favorite stories with him.

Lily picked out his backpack for us to take with toys to China.

This is Lily's room before the big girl remodel.

Here is Lily in the toddler bed...she has come a long way....

Her big girl bed which was a gift from Vesper and Juanita Singleton, my friend Becky's parents. Lily calls them Goondaddy Vesper and Guindi just like their grandchildren. They have really blessed us with this special gift.

My big girl all snuggled up!


Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

Lookin' goooooood!!
Nothing like the piles and drifts that characterize our "nursery" right now ;)

OH MY #6 said...

very sweet! thanx for sharing.


Kim & Jeff said...

Love the rooms!!! Not to mention all the Mickey's!!! :)