Saturday, March 8, 2008

FUN in the Snow!

Lily and I came to Lexington so I could see the doctor on Friday. We had planned to spend the weekend with our dear friends, Mel and Brian who are waiting for their referral for their daughter from China. It's a good thing we planned to stay because a Winter Storm hit on Friday and continued through today. There is about 5 inches of snow on the ground and Lily is in heaven. We just wish that Wes were here with us. He is working nights to get his nursing hours in so he can go to China with us. We miss you, Honey! My favorite shot of the day is the one below. Ice Princess
Mommy, Lily and the snowman she made with Brian. That snowman is twice the size of the one we made at home a few weeks ago. It rocks and she LOVES it which is all that matters!

Lily and Mel

Mel, Margaret and Lily getting ready for a snow fight!

Lily attempts to block with her High School Musical umbrella but Mel sneaks some snow in anyway!!

I just can't get enough of that smile!

My angel making her Snow Angel

Lily and Brian take a break from working on their snowman

She is dancing in the snow and loving it!
Hugs with friends

After we came inside and changed into dry clothes, Lily asked in a very exasperated way...."Mom, when are we ever going to China to get Graeme?" To which I replied in my usual...."just as soon as China will let us Babe". To which she replied, "I sure wish China would hurry up!"
Me too Baby, Me too!!!!!!!!


The Johnson Family said...

her smile is contagous, I hope China hurries too!!

OH MY #6 said...

I love these pictures!


Truly Blessed said...

All of the pictures are nice, but the first one is stunning! Love it!

I feel the same way Lily does about when WE are going to go to China to bring home our daughter.

I want to go NOW!!!

Kim & Jeff said...

Looks like she had a blast in the snow... She is such a pretty girl and the camera just loves her. :)