Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Adventures

Lily has had many adventures this week...Adventures in Spring...well almost Spring anyway. We have been so busy that I have not had time to post to the blog except for our new pictures of Graeme! We were so excited and thankful to receive that!
At the beginning of the week, Lily and her K-3 class took a field trip to a local park for a picnic and an Easter egg hunt. No one expected the temperature to drop or the 40 mile an hour winds but fun was definitely had by all at the First Annual Freezin' Egg Hunt!!!
Lily is saying, "I'm really cold Mama!" through those chattering teeth!
Once the egg hunt began, she forgot all about the cold and wind!
Our next Adventure was Lily's cheerleading debut! Her K-3 class has 2 basketball games and the students can cheer or play. She chose to cheer and let me tell you, she was way INTO it! You can definitely tell that she was trying out some of the Wildcat moves she had seen on High School Musical for the 1000 times she has seen it. We just enjoyed watching her have so much FUN!

She is definitely a natural and we already knew that she was super flexible. Mom's worse nightmare is that she will be the top of the pyramid cheerleader when she is older. Thank goodness there are no pyramids in K-3!

Today we went to the Bunny Bash at the local elementary school. Pics with the Easter Bunny, face painting and another egg hunt oh my!

strike a pose

Lily and Emma


amy said...

how beautiful!!!! Looks like a lot of fun was had

OH MY #6 said...


Happy Easter.