Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

More LOAs came yesterday for our agency. Some people who got their referral a month and a half after us received their Letter of Acceptance. We are still WAITING. We have now been waiting 85 days and I must say that I am getting a bit overwhelmed and frustrated. Our agency is wonderful and even though they can't explaing why we are waiting so long, they are checking into it for us. We are hoping to hear any day now. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we WAIT and Graeme WAITS. This has definitely been the hardest WAIT so far. Somewhere on the otherside of the world is someone at the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs that holds our fate and the fate of our son in their hands. Please help them to process the paperwork so we can bring him home!!!!


amy said...

Cant wait to hear your great news..I love those pics on your sidebar

Janelle said...

waiting anxiously with you! Maybe an Easter Gift?

Yoli said...

Your blog look is stunning. Did you do this yourself Margaret?

I have to tell you that there does not seem to be any rhyme of reason to the LOA's. When we were waiting for our daughter it took an amazing 101 days to get it. For our son, it took 50 days. There are people who have waited upwards of 128 days. I hope that you hear good news soon, I know how hard it is to know that your child is half way around the world waiting on a stupid piece of paper.

OH MY #6 said...

soon, soon!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

I feel your pain my friend! We have been waiting for our PA and every day that it doesn't come makes me think it never will. The most difficult part of the adoption process is waiting on paperwork AFTER you have fallin in love with your childs face! :::sigh::: Praying we both get our approvals!!! Hang in there!

Hugs from St. Louis!

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

Gosh, it's gotta be killin' you guys!! I can only imagine the stress of waiting for the various "A's"! I'm really hoping it comes soon for you!

Truly Blessed said...

Oh Margaret, I am SO with you on this post! I HATE that my sweet daughter has to wait for US to come and get her. No fair!!!

Your LOA will come soon (then plan about 24 days to TA and 24 days til you get on an airplane after that!).

Hold on Graeme, Mama & Bab are coming!

Kristy said...

I can't wait until you get that LOA, I am trying to wait patiently with you. Maybe the Easter Bunny ios bringing it. I have to tell you that your daughter is just gorgeous, I could just squeeze her!!!

Can you tell me how you made that CCAA graphic, I would love to make something like that for my sidebar??

Try to be patient, good things come to those who wait...that's what I hear!!!!

Love, Kristy