Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

Today was my baby's first official day of school! He is attending K-3 at Sunshine School, a good place to grow! He was so excited. Lily Wen had her first day of K-4 today too. Because she has a late birthday, she had two years in K-3 and this is what Graeme will do too. I love Sunshine School and you can tell by their faces that they do too!

Lily Wen K-4

Graeme K-3

Aren't they cute?

Headed into school...they grow up way too fast!


Waitingfaithfully said...

Cute, cute, cute! I can't believe how much older Graeme looks already, what a big boy!

Happy to hear everyone did okay through the storm.



Rachel said...

Wow, they look really happy and excited about school! That's got to make you feel good about taking them there.

Denise said...

Oh my goodness! They are so cute!!! You can tell that Lily Wen loves her brother!

Ashley and Mike said...

Absolutely adorable!!!!

Janelle said...

How precious those two are! They are growing up so much -- what is it about the end of summer that makes us realize all the GROWING that went on for 3 months? Lily is all legs! Hope your routine is going well.

FHL said...

They are both beyond cute! Hope they had a super fun first day!!!!

OH MY #6 said...

YES they do!


Cora said...

Great first day of school pictures!

Qiuqiu's parents said...

He's so big, and so beautiful...I love to see that he has regained a full, huge smile. That's my biggest worry about closing Flynn's lip...I know she'll lose her wide, wide grin for a while. It makes me feel better to see his gorgeous grin!!

Kristin said...

How adorable!!! I absolutely love these pics! I hope school is wonderful for them both. :-)