Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Thanks to all who sent sweet notes and comments and prayers for my family. They are all okay. My brother, Mike, even kept power at his house except for 30 minutes during the storm. We all thought that Lafayette was going to have more of an impact than Baton Rouge. My sister-in-law Mary and my 3 nieces and one nephew went to Baton Rouge while my brother was on call in Lafayette. He had the house with electricity while my Mom's house and sister's house in Baton Rouge lost power almost immediately and are still without power tonight. It goes to show that you can never predict a storm of that magnitude and what it will do. My Mom and sis have minor damage to their houses. Now they are just waiting for electricity to be returned and the city to be cleaned up. The hardest thing is being able to get in touch with them as communication is just not easy at this time. They were lucky this time and now all eyes are on Hannah, Ike and Josephine. I sure hope Hurricane season is over quickly!

Graeme has his first day of preschool tomorrow...stay tuned pictures to come!


FHL said...

I missed reading your earlier post, but am so glad that your family is well.

Hope Graeme has a wonderful time at preschool!