Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tiger Toes!

Lily and I along with my friend Becky enjoy getting our toes painted. We show our creative side through our toes. It is also a great reward for Lily when she is having excellent behavior. Lily typically gets hers done with hot pink polish and multi colored polka dots or a butterfly or anything that looks like Hannah Montana might wear it. Tonight, my girl got TIGER TOES. That is right! She got her toes painted as the true LSU fan that she is growing up to be (influenced totally by her mother and not at all by her father!!!!) We were so proud of our team for beating those Auburn Tigers that we just had to have Tiger Toes!
The cutest Tiger Toes in the world...Lily Wen's toes!
Lily and Graeme show off their toes (Don't worry....he went with us and even though he begged, he did not get his toes polished). Graeme will continue to sport his purple Crocs during football season in honor of our team!

They are so cute!

Graeme showing off his Piggies!

Mommy's Tiger Toes
(No animals were harmed in the making of this creation...but Fun was had by all!)


Kristin said...

Oh my gosh! How did I miss this post?? This is too cute! I've only taken Anna Grace for a pedicure one time but need to take her back. And Abby as well. Looks like it was a fun mommy and daughter outing. :-)

Kristy said...

Even being the LONGHORN fan that I am, I have to admit those are the cutest toes I have ever seen.

Love, Kristy

FHL said...

Matching toe nails...very fun!! Maybe you can find a manly Tiger Tattoo for Graeme ;o)

The pics of the kids are adorable!!

Cora said...

The purple piggies are so cute. It looks like you have a lot of fun.
Have a great weekend!

Yoli said...

Now I want tiger toes! Margaret you have the cutest children. Love the joy in their little faces. said...


Mother-daughter pedi's totally rock. What a fun time...