Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve!!!

Happy Christmas Eve!
This was taken last week when Lily was an angel in our church Christmas play. She is very angelic after all!

This is the last picture that I have of my daughter's unadorned, beautiful, petite ear. She has talked for months of having her ears pierced. So off we went to Libby Lu for the ultimate ear piercing, princess for a day, experience.

Not feeling too princess like right here. Where there is true beauty, there is pain. We assured her it only hurt for a minute. Her cousin, John Christopher, repeatedly told her, "Lily, it's gonna hurt. It is REALLY gonna hurt." Nothing changed her mind. Daddy and Graeme couldn't watch. They had to walk away. It might of had something to do with Graeme trying to pick out earrings for himself. What can I say, he loves his sister and wants to do all that she does!

Now her ears have sparkly pink HAD to be the pink hearts!

On to the next Christmas Adventure, making cookies...a tradition with cousins!

What kiddo doesn't love the feel of dough and flour in his hands! John Christopher is loving it!

Baby Luke was more into eating the dough....

and just looking so darn CUTE!

The perfect snowman is hard to achieve but she did it!

My sis, Jodi, and her fun!

She is so proud!

Graeme got way into the decorating. He was the first to the table and the last to leave!

Looks good enough to eat!

So they did!

Not quite sure what he thinks about all those textures and the sweetness. The twinkle in his eye is priceless though.

Can't waste that last bite.
We had a wonderful evening! I have been very sentimental and overly sensitive the last few days, crying at the least little thing. For those who know me, I am not a cryer...not typically anyway...but once I get going well... I am also not good at expressing my emotions. I am now focusing on the positive emotions. I am starting my New Year's Resolution early. I want to push beyond the stress of everyday life and all of the big changes that have occured for us. I will Love Authentically and Enjoy the Simple Pleasures.....the look of my daughter as an angel in the play, her sweet tears as she receives her first earrings, the laughter in the kitchen last night as we all made cookies (setting the pot holder on fire in the process..another story), opening a new Christmas book and reading it to BOTH of my children. Graeme is home this year which is something my heart ached for last year. I am blessed beyond words and I will take time each day to be thankful for that.
Wishing you all Joy, Laughter and Love this Christmas and each day of the New Year!


Cora said...

Happy Christmas Eve! The kids are absolutely adorable as always. Apparently my Mom was wrong you can lick your elbow too cute!

Brandon Pace said...

Adorable! I wonder what is your New Year's resolution?? :-)

*trying to lick on the elbow* Can't do it... :-(

Patti said...

Tell Lilly that the pink hearts were the perfect selection. It's Christmas Eve with the Dalton Gang and I think the Anderson gang....we would love to see you and your family!!!!


Janelle said...

yes, life is lived & enjoyed in the small moments...beautiful photos - thanks for taking time to post them, Margaret!

Blessed, happy, and healthy holidays and 2009 to you!

Janelle, Grant, & Chloe

Kristin said...

Looks like you had a wonderful family day! I'll bet Lily is very proud of her new blinged up ears. :-)

Have a fantastic time tomorrow! Merry Christmas!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Your kiddos are so cute and the pink heart earrings are perfect!!!! Lucy

debi said...

Hugs my new sweet friend...a real heartfelt post! It has been fun getting to know you these past few weeks, and I pray that you and your loved ones had a happy, merry day! Keep in touch...


FHL said...

Great pictures!! Minus the one of Lily's tears....I always thought it was kind of mean that they do one at a time....have they stopped that practice? They should just have one gal on either side and get it over with. I love her choice!