Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Day and Gingerbread Houses and Surprise of all surprises...SNOW in South Louisiana!

These pics were taken by my Mom of the biggest snow in Louisiana in 20 years. I was there for that last one. My sis and I played like 2 little kids....making snow angels and throwing snowballs! I love that they got snow. Sis sent me some wonderful pics of my nephews but I am having trouble copying them from the e-mail. The boys had a ball!
I wish I could have seen their faces when they saw that first snow.
It looks like it was a pretty one!
I hope it doesn't take 20 years for them to get another one! Could we all have a white Christmas as we celebrate down south. Now that would be a Christmas Miracle!

So last night, we got a little snow after a lot of rain. the weather combined with really cold temps led to the county schools being closed and me having a day off! We pulled out the Gingerbread House kit and I fought with the icing mix forever!!!!! I'm not one point there was icing on my ceiling! Anyway...after we got the icing on the house. It was time to decorate!
Our Little House
Graeme decorated half and Lily the other.
Here they are trying not to drop it.
Barely hanging on!


debi said...

Yummy! Looks good enough to eat :)

I am so glad that the snow did not stick down here!!! We are from the deeeeep south for a reason...and trust me it is not for the snow! :)

Have a good weekend...xo...deb

Kristin said...

The snow looks beautiful! My kids would be so excited if that happened here. :-)

Love the gingerbread house! We tried to make one last year but it kept falling apart. Maybe we'll try again soon.

Have a great weekend!

Susan S. said...

Hi there....i jumped over from another blog to see your SNOW pictures. I'm in Houston and we didn't get nearly that much where I live but we were ECSTATIC nonetheless. I BET you wish you had been there. :)
Your children are PRECIOUS! I love the pics with the gingerbread house and the turkey..too cute!

Mom Of Many said...

Hey Margaret, Just wanted to thank you for coming by A Place Called Simplicity...and thank you for your prayers on our behalf...How faithful the Lord is!!

Your kids are adorable...I have such a soft spot for little boys from China and he is adorable!!

Love from Uganda,

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I've been trying to find time to do this...I got a train this year instead of a house. It'll be fun, if I can manage to get it done! I even have lights for inside.

Your baby boy look SOOOOO good! Look at that huge smile! And he's growing so, so fast!!!!