Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Nutcracker continues

The evening performance of the Nutcracker was wonderful! Wes and Graeme came with my friend, Becky. Graeme was so excited when Lily Wen danced onto stage. Wes said that he waved and kept yelling Jie Jie to get her attention. Lily danced on like a true professional!

Becky and Graeme waiting for Lily Wen to dance.

The dolls dance on.

Our Chinese dancer

Lily loves watching Katelyn dance on pointe. My princess with the Sugar Plum Fairy

Lily Wen and her Daddy

Lily was presented with pink roses following her performance. She was so excited.

We had the day off today. This afternoons performance was cancelled due to a snow shower. She has her last performance tomorrow. This has been a wonderful experience for us all!


Kristin said...

So glad Lily has had a wonderful experience with dance!!! She is just adorable in her pictures!!!

Katie loved her ballet and Irish dance years----especially all the Irish dance competitions. Anna Grace isn't quite ready for the structure----and may never be. Abby may do just fine! Different peronalities. :-)

Cora said...

Great pictures! I love hearing how professional she was with Graeme calling for her, what a loving little brother!

FHL said...

Lily looks like she's loving every minute of the experience!!!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...