Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joy of Spring

These were taken after church on Sunday. Lily Wen and Graeme loved playing outside after mass. Lily Wen was having a great day with her wild woman hair (we braided it wet the day before and just brushed it out right before church!) I just wanted to share the Joy that I am blessed to have in my life every day! EnJOY!

Spring has arrived and we are looking forward to lots of time outside!!!!!!!!!!!


Yoli said...

Oh look at them!!! They are so happy and having so much fun! Your children are just stunning. Love their clothes!

How are you feeling?

Chelley said...

Very sweet! AND HOW good do your kids look!!! Lily Wens hair looks so PRETTY!

Kristy said...

Margaret they look sooooo happy. And they are just beautiful. And I am so happy for you because you sound so happy and in love with your "Wee Ones".

Love you, Kristy

Cora said...

Great picture they are really capture the joy of the day.
Happy Spring!!

bbmomof2boys said...

Love the pictures! Spring is here too but its been wet! That's okay though, we need the rain.


Jboo said...

Great photos of your beautiful kids! They are so cute! Her hair is adorable with the curly look! Hope you all have a great weekend.


Gail said...

They are just plain adorable. Lily is beautiful and Graeme is so handsome. When I tell Will he's handsome, he replies back to I not handsome, I'm William Michael. LOL...they are so literal.
We are very blessed aren't we Margaret? Have a great weekend.

hugs, Gail

FHL said...

They are such adorable rays of sunshine!!!

Patientlywaiting said...

Those are great pictures and I love Lily's hair. Also, I love the new title for your blog. It fits perfectly!


Kristin said...

Happy beautiful children for sure! We are glad spring is finally on its way. :-) said...

They get more and more beautiful every time I see them!!!! : )

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What beautiful children! I love Lily's hair like that!!!

Happy Spring!