Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a day!

One of those days. I have just really had one of those days. I should have known when I got stuck by a train this morning when bringing the wee ones to daycare that it was going to be interesting.

My speech assistant was sick. She caught the stomach bug so it was just me at school. Bless her and hope she is feeling better.

I realized that I was past due on some evaluations and was pushing to get through them when the phone rang and it was daycare. Graeme was having a temper tantrum. I could hear him in the background and then I was told that he was hitting, kicking, scratching and spitting (this was a new one). WHAT!!!! The daycare provider asked me to please come.

I get my group of kids back to their rooms, throw the confidential files in the cabinet and lock it, tell appropriate people and head out the door in 10 minutes. Now, I have a 25 minute drive to daycare.

I race to get on the highway. I see a group of dogs up ahead and am watching to be sure they are moving. I have a car on my left side and another car on the shoulder when one of the dogs stops suddenly in my lane and doesn't move. I slam on the breaks and everything in the car flies forward when I hear the thump and squeal of the dog as my car goes over him. Thank goodness for SUV as the former BMW sat so low it would have creamed the dog.

The dog goes under the middle of the SUV and is knocked around but runs out of the back and takes off. I being me chase after the dog in my car to be sure it is all right. I turn up a drive with MANY posted....Keep off Property signs and decided this is far enough as I watch the dog climb the mountain chasing another dog.

As I am shaking, I U-turn and head back in the direction of daycare. By the time I get to daycare (still shaking over the dog incident), I walk in and Graeme is sweetly wrapped in a blanket and being rocked to sleep by one of the daycare workers. Where is the posessed child that I was called about? Why was there not another call to state that he had pulled himself together?

I discipline Graeme (breaks my heart but come on this behavior has to STOP). He lays on his mat and goes right to sleep. I then ask about his behavior chart (a positive reinforcement chart that we started when he was having tantrums about 3 weeks ago). I was told that they had stopped it because he was doing so well. Now the bells in my head go off and I am dealing with MOMMY GUILT for said discipline. this is the second tantrum this week and come to find out they stopped the chart this week. The chart is going to be reinstated with follow up at home and hopefully, I won't have any more days like this

I did try to explain that I really couldn't leave work and come to daycare. Graeme has good behavior with me and the deal is that he has to learn that he has to listen to them. If I come in, he is still listening to me, right?

I did have some wonderful friends who noticed that I was on the edge and they invited me and the kids to dinner. It was a great evening with some fellow Moms who care who helped problem solve.

Pizza Hut only charged me for me because they thought Lily Wen was 3 like Graeme. I tried to explain she was 5 and pay but they wouldn't have it. As long as she didn't hear that they thought she was three, I think we will be okay. Who knows what kind of tantrum that would bring?

The weekend just can't get here soon enough. I'm praying for good behavior from the wee ones and a dog hittin' free week for me....too late you say....well the rest of the week could improve.


Denise said...

{{{{{{{Margaret}}}}}}}}}}}}} I can so relate to yucky kid days. I soooo had one on Monday. It's what I call "I love you but..." days. And I hate them because even thought THEY are the ones with the bad behavior, I still end up feeling guilty over something. Oh, and I can't imagine sweet little Graeme having a melt down like my blessed Emma. But then most people say that about her-- when she's smiling her cute little smile.

Hang in there! Only 2 more days until the weekend!

Kristin said...

Oh Margaret, what a terrible day. The weekend will be here soon. Take time then to relax, not think about school, and just love on your babies. But then take time to love on yourself too. You deserve it.

Hugs to your friends for being there for you. And extra hugs for you too.....:-)

Gail said...

Oh Margaret...what a day you had, thankfully it's over. Big hugs to you!!!!

bbmomof2boys said...

Yikes - I hope the weekend comes quick! Little T is starting to throw some temper tantrums. Right now I just ignore her and when she realizes that she stops. Hopefully they won't get out of control.


Janelle said...

oh you sweetheart, how awful this all sounds (except the pizza dinner).

hope your weekend is relaxing and full of peace & love.

Cora said...

Hang in there, I certainly know what it is like to have one of those days. Somedays you just know it would have been better to stay in bed all day.
Hope the reward chart starts working again, I can't beleive they took it away.
Hope today is much better!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh sweet friend, so sorry to hear about your very rough day. Happy to hear that things wrapped up more pleasantly than they began! Praying for sunnier days ahead for you and the wees, and thankful that the Lord is there holding you up, even in the storms.

Blessings from Texas~


Mama Duck said...

What a day is right! You poor mommy! It will get better with your little guy at school. You are right, though. They need to deal with it unless it is an absolute emergency, and there SHOULD have been a call to let you know that he was calming down. Hang in there!

Patientlywaiting said...

Wow, what a day! I'm not sure I could have kept driving after the dog incident!
Sorry about the tantrums with Graeme. He always looks so smily in his pictures just can't imagine a huge fit. However, Claire has had some good fits herself lately. I just love the throwing herself on the floor and kicking and screaming! NOT!!!

Hang in there, it is almost the weekend!


Jboo said...

Oh Margaret -- I am so sorry to hear that you had such a day! Whoa! Yay, tomorrow is Friday. Hope it goes well and the weekend is a wonderfu one for you and the kids! Take care.


Donna said...

Gracious! That is one day to bid a bye-bye to, and look ahead to the next (obviously better!) one!

FHL said...

Oh my goodness, I hope the rest of your week was A LOT better! I guess the good thing about those days is that they make the semi bad days seem great by comparison!