Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mark and Kellie...update

Mark and Kellie continue to need our prayers. You can visit them at Mark's Kidney Transplant Blog and leave them a message. I am sure they would love to hear from those that have shared with me warm thoughts and prayers. As of this morning, there was still no blood flow to the donated kidney. They were taking Mark into surgery this morning to remove Kellie's kidney. I know that they are both heartbroken but faithful. Mark has a kidney disease so the doctor's expect his kidneys to continue to function with limited functioning until he can heal and then look at another transplant. I can not imagine how either of them are feeling. I have just had them in my thoughts and prayers all week! I am hoping to see them when we are in Lexington this weekend.

The kids and I are heading out tomorrow morning. Disney on Ice hear we come!


Jboo said...

I am so sorry that he is headed back to surgery. Will keep them in my prayers!

We saw Disney on Ice a few months ago -- it was great! Have fun!


Cora said...

This must be the most difficult time for them. It is so hard to see friend go through terrible struggles.
Have fun at Disney on Ice!

Kristy said...

Margaret I have been playing catch up on your blog and my heart just goes out to Mark and Kellie. Oh may God bless them both.

I was also looking at the pictures and they are all so cute but I can't believe how big Graeme is getting. Have a great time tomorrow!

Love, Kristy

FHL said...

Oh, I hated having to read this post and wish it was filled with much better news. So hard. Praying.

Enjoy the show!