Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily Wen!

I love you so much Lily Wen. You are just growing up way too fast for me!

1st Birthday - You had just been home 2 months and you were so CUTE!

2nd Birthday - we had just moved to Kentucky
3rd birthday - the Louisiana celebration4th birthday, you were High School Musical obsessed
Lily and Lily Wen turns 5 with a Fancy Nancy party
Lily Wen and Lily are 6 with their babies Rosie and Sally
I am the most blessed Mommy in the world to have you as my daughter!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Introducing: Cameron Lewis M.

My nephew, Cameron Lewis, was born last Saturday! These are some of the first pics. He is such a cutie!
He is so sweekt sucking his fingers.
My sis, Jodi, and her son, Cameron
So Alert
The whole M. family! Rodney, Cameron, John Christopher, Jodi and Luke
Proud brother, John Christopher.
Proud brother #2, Luke (I am trying to get Lily Wen and Graeme to stop calling him baby Luke because there is a new baby in the house. Lily Wen said that she would just call him Lukey!).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stone Mountain

After we left American Girl, we went to Stone Mountain for the day. We went with Amanda, my Godsis and Jeff, a friend I had not seen in many years (20+). It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful place to be. We rode the train and later, a cable car to the top of the mountain. We went on the Polar Express 4D experience and we are still talking about it. Graeme and Lily Wen loved climbing on all of the rocks.

Amanda at the edge!
Graeme waved the whole time the train went by! He was amazed. We took him for a ride on the train and he was so excited initially. Then, the rocking of the train almost put him to sleep.
While waiting for the parade, the mischief began.
Graeme and Lily Wen had a great time playing with Jeff.

The day at American Girl and Stone Mountain was simply Fun! I love how Graeme is eyeing his sister's hot chocolate in this picture.
The following pictures were taken by Jeff. He has taken some amazing photographs and I spent the day trying to learn from him. These are only a sample of the shots he captured.

A Christmas Parade, musical shows and gorgeous lights. Now, I have the Christmas Spirit!

Monday, November 16, 2009

American Girl!

We went on an early birthday trip for Lily Wen to Atlanta. All she wanted for her birthday this year was to go to this store so I took my American Girl to the American Girl boutique.
The anticipation...
Take the picture Mom....I'm ready to go in
She took her bitty baby DeeDee. The night before we went, I could hear Lily Wen talking to her baby and telling her about going to meet her sister. Little did I know that she was on her very own adoption journey. She knew exactly which baby she wanted and she had already named her, Rosey.
A forever family, Lily, Dee Dee and Rosey
The new Mommy
So I guess this makes me a Grandmother. I mean I am old enough to be a grandmother. I just didn't think that it would happen while my daughter was turning 6!
Yes, Rosey was taken care of even when her Mommy took a "break"
Lily Wen coming home dressed like her baby.
We got to stop and take cousin Caroline to dinner. FUN FUN FUN!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I grew up in Louisiana where Fall was a time of year but not really a SEASON. I love Fall and the gorgeous array of colors that nature displays. I am amazed by it every year. After a week in the house taking care of Lily Wen who has had the flu, we all needed a little time in the sun and the LEAVES!

Graeme helps Pastor John rake the leaves.

Our friends, Lily and Heather

Just me and my wee ones!

I was in my 20s the first time I jumped in a pile of leaves with my sister. I loved watching my kids play with Lily in the leaves today. I thought we were through the woods (and in the leaves) but Lily Wen has a slight fever again this evening.