Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lily Update

I have had several requests for an update on Lily Wen. She is now 3 years old and such a delight. We had a wonderful mother's day and each day is just special with her. I am attempting to add a recent picture to this blog. If it actually shows up, it was taken a few weeks ago when Lily and I spent the weekend with Mel, a close friend who is adopting her first daughter from China. We are in the bubble room at the Children's Museum in Lexington, Kentucky. We had a great weekend! Lily is one busy little 3 year old. She loves her K-3 class at Sunshine School where each day she plays and reads and sings with her friends. She has become quite the gymnast and we still drive to Kingsport, TN to the gym she loves. In Lily's words, "I love to swing. I love to flip." She does both really well. I love to see her ride the zip line with a look of pure joy as she flies across the gym. She is also taking dance class and will debut in her first recital in June. It should be a sight to see. so that is what is up with Lily. She is busy, busy and loving every minute of it.


Grannymary said...

Lily you are a precious beautiful little doll, Can't wait for your visit this summer.

Love you, Granny